Training for a 24hour (4 man team) road race

Hey all!

I am going to do the 24hr Le Mans race next year. I did it last year and was loads of fun. Its on a 4km race track with approx 550 riders on track at any one time with a few groups forming keeping the speed high.

In the race I will be doing about 6x 1hr sessions through the 24hrs. I want to be as consistent as possible and try and stick with the fast group each time. I have been thinking about how my training could help with this. I know I will need to pace well but is there anything I can do over the year to improve my ability to recover and go hard again.

I have been thinking about these as options:

  1. Do regular double days
  2. Each month choose a weekend and cram 4 workouts in
  3. Just get faster with a normal plan!

Any thoughts or other options recommended?


The guys did 24 Hours in Old Pueblo back in April and they talked a lot about what they learned in the podcast and forum. It’s been a while since I’ve listened to it but what you outlined seems pretty sound to me.

Here’s the link to the forum post with the podcast/race analysis that should help get you started: The 24 Hours in The Old Pueblo Thread

Good Luck!

Thanks. Some great info in there particularly about race day. Got some good takeaways on nutrition…eat more pizza it seems :grin:

As the guys treated this as a C race there was not much on tailoring training in here. As this is my A race I would like to be specific in training as much as I can.

I think any of your approaches will work OK but the one thing that will matter in the end is probably to trying to reach the highest fitness/CTL that is humanly possible. It is one thing to do well in the beginning but the last hours is likely going to be hard so endurance is king imo.
I have participated in a similar event, the Rad Am Ring, also 24h and in a team of 4. If I were to do it again that is what I would do.