2021 Community Goals Tracker

Hey folks - one of the things I find that I value most about the TR platform/ecosystem is this great community that has been created. I’ve seen many great threads where people come together to support and help build accountability, and thought that might be a useful thing to do as we head into 2021.

Personally - at times I’ve failed to write down specific goals over time, in a way that’s led to an inability to track and measure how I’m progressing. So for myself I’m going to list them out, and then update them throughout the year, and hoping this structure and accountability is useful for others as well. Definitely welcome thoughts and feedback from others, both on my specific goals as well as the structure and process. Thanks!

Goal 5 w/kg on TR Ramp Test A+ Racer Cat in ZwiftPower (>4.6 wkg in race) Weight to 165 lbs Complete 1 hour at TR Ramp FTP
Nov 2020 4.03 A (4.09 w/kg) 191.2 0:32:30
Dec 2020 - - - -
- - - -
Dec 2021 5.0 A+ (>4.6 w/kg) 165.0 1:00:00

(Thanks @mcneese.chad for the Discourse table help )


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