2021 Goals/Resolutions

As 2020 FINALLY wraps up it’s time to start thinking about what we want to achieve in the upcoming year, both from a cycling and/or personal standpoint. One way to mentally commit to a goal is to make it public, since it then gives your mind some accountability for achieving it.

So for 2021, what are you challenging yourself to achieve in the world of cycling, and in life? Maybe we will revive this in a year and people can go back and let us know if they were able to accomplish what they set out to, and how.


-Stay healthy.
-5.0 w/kg
-Improve sprinting power and technique.

  • stay healthy
  • improve position/ riding on the TT further
  • survive HR Dolomites
  • improve FTP while gaining endurance
    Those are the need goals.

Want goals:

  • score 400W for a 20’ test
  • get 10 minute power to 420W (6W/kg)

• Cat 4 to Cat 2
• Increase power curve for 5mins+ efforts
• Train 600 hours

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My goals are to bump my FTP to 325 and to weigh 170lbs consistently, I usually hover 172-175 during the summer months.

Also want to ride more places, namely more mountainous areas like the Catskills in NY, some of the stuff around Pagoda PA, and a few other nearby states.


No events or even group rides. :sleepy: I’m just trying to keep fit while mostly restricted to the trainer. I’m hoping things will turn around.

I’m going to just focus on the training process without defined goals - get through base and build and see how far I can get. I’ll be my own science experiment of one.

  • 5 w/kg on TR Ramp Test
  • A+ Racer Cat in ZwiftPower (>4.6 wkg in race)
  • Weight to 165 lbs
  • Complete 1 hour at TR Ramp FTP

Tracking mine here: 2021 Community Goals Tracker


Lose 50lbs

Train consistently using TR

Race cyclocross next fall/winter and not die

Finishing all my planned cx races would be even better (than the die part)

  • Improve technical MTB skills

  • 4 W/kg

  • Improve training consistency

  • Complete some XCM and MTB stage races (COVID-permitting)


Spend more time on the bike…
And spend less time on these boards :wink:


4.5w/kg (375W @ 183#). Currently 329 @ 238#. I know I can get the weight off (as I’m down from 307) but I really have no idea where the upper limits of my power are. Will approach it with curiosity.

Gran Fondo Hincapie @ +/-4:45. It’s +/-80 miles and 8k feet, I did a shortened version (60m and 6k feet) in 4:41 this past October.

  1. Try not to catch Covid again.
  2. Finally nail 4w/kg after hanging around 3.7-3.9 for ages.
  3. Travel restrictions permitting, join the club de cingles.
  1. Increase FTP from 252 to 300 by end of 2021. 4.1 w/kg
  2. Complete 225 TrainerRoad workouts in 2021
  3. Dial in fueling to consistently bring in 90g of carbs per hour.
  4. Increase flexibility (can touch my toes).

Complete a full Base-Build-Specialty plan on TR.


I like this idea of writing them down publicly. Here we go.

  1. Top 10 AG placement in USAT Nationals
  2. Get back into crit racing
  3. <18min 5k and <38min 10k
  4. Maintain weight around 84kg
  5. Maintain FTP >= 4.5W/kg
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  • Get a podium

  • 4.5W /KG

  • Get out of cat 4

  • Try some roadracing rather than crits

  • 300W for 2 hours

  • Autorenew TR Membership

Did this exercise when I started my plan for 2021 on November 7th.

Baseline: 309 W FTP @ 86 kg

Process goals 2021:

  1. Consistency (Train 5x / week)
  2. Eat well (little processed food)
  3. Race patiently

…and that hopefully takes me to 330 W @ 82 kg.

==> so far 100% compliance with training and really cleaned up my diet. Sitting at 319 W @ 83.5 kg at the moment.


Eat fewer animals and buy less stuff.

  • Keep enjoying cycling - in which ever form it happens to be.
  • Enjoy the process of structured training, without loosing sight of above.
  • Keep learning about training and nutrition
  • Dip my toes in racing if I feel I improve enough over the winter - just not quick enough to hang with age group yet (no categories here)
  • Ride part of the local brevet series, not sure I want to go further then the 300 km. 600 and up is a bit much.