2021 Goals/Resolutions

-Stay healthy.
-5.0 w/kg
-Improve sprinting power and technique.

  • stay healthy
  • improve position/ riding on the TT further
  • survive HR Dolomites
  • improve FTP while gaining endurance
    Those are the need goals.

Want goals:

  • score 400W for a 20’ test
  • get 10 minute power to 420W (6W/kg)

• Cat 4 to Cat 2
• Increase power curve for 5mins+ efforts
• Train 600 hours

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My goals are to bump my FTP to 325 and to weigh 170lbs consistently, I usually hover 172-175 during the summer months.

Also want to ride more places, namely more mountainous areas like the Catskills in NY, some of the stuff around Pagoda PA, and a few other nearby states.


No events or even group rides. :sleepy: I’m just trying to keep fit while mostly restricted to the trainer. I’m hoping things will turn around.

I’m going to just focus on the training process without defined goals - get through base and build and see how far I can get. I’ll be my own science experiment of one.

  • 5 w/kg on TR Ramp Test
  • A+ Racer Cat in ZwiftPower (>4.6 wkg in race)
  • Weight to 165 lbs
  • Complete 1 hour at TR Ramp FTP

Tracking mine here: 2021 Community Goals Tracker


Lose 50lbs

Train consistently using TR

Race cyclocross next fall/winter and not die

Finishing all my planned cx races would be even better (than the die part)

  • Improve technical MTB skills

  • 4 W/kg

  • Improve training consistency

  • Complete some XCM and MTB stage races (COVID-permitting)


Spend more time on the bike…
And spend less time on these boards :wink:


4.5w/kg (375W @ 183#). Currently 329 @ 238#. I know I can get the weight off (as I’m down from 307) but I really have no idea where the upper limits of my power are. Will approach it with curiosity.

Gran Fondo Hincapie @ +/-4:45. It’s +/-80 miles and 8k feet, I did a shortened version (60m and 6k feet) in 4:41 this past October.

  1. Try not to catch Covid again.
  2. Finally nail 4w/kg after hanging around 3.7-3.9 for ages.
  3. Travel restrictions permitting, join the club de cingles.
  1. Increase FTP from 252 to 300 by end of 2021. 4.1 w/kg
  2. Complete 225 TrainerRoad workouts in 2021
  3. Dial in fueling to consistently bring in 90g of carbs per hour.
  4. Increase flexibility (can touch my toes).

Complete a full Base-Build-Specialty plan on TR.


I like this idea of writing them down publicly. Here we go.

  1. Top 10 AG placement in USAT Nationals
  2. Get back into crit racing
  3. <18min 5k and <38min 10k
  4. Maintain weight around 84kg
  5. Maintain FTP >= 4.5W/kg
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  • Get a podium

  • 4.5W /KG

  • Get out of cat 4

  • Try some roadracing rather than crits

  • 300W for 2 hours

  • Autorenew TR Membership

Did this exercise when I started my plan for 2021 on November 7th.

Baseline: 309 W FTP @ 86 kg

Process goals 2021:

  1. Consistency (Train 5x / week)
  2. Eat well (little processed food)
  3. Race patiently

…and that hopefully takes me to 330 W @ 82 kg.

==> so far 100% compliance with training and really cleaned up my diet. Sitting at 319 W @ 83.5 kg at the moment.


Eat fewer animals and buy less stuff.

  • Keep enjoying cycling - in which ever form it happens to be.
  • Enjoy the process of structured training, without loosing sight of above.
  • Keep learning about training and nutrition
  • Dip my toes in racing if I feel I improve enough over the winter - just not quick enough to hang with age group yet (no categories here)
  • Ride part of the local brevet series, not sure I want to go further then the 300 km. 600 and up is a bit much.

Hit 4 w/kg again
Podium an XC race
Finish point to point Park City
Race an Enduro
Try to do a 20k ft climbing day
Most importantly touch my toes.