2020 Training and/or Racing Goals

Same. I could have wrote that about myself word for word. All was fine until March and CV19.
Getting back on track now though.

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Updates below. I guess I was lucky that most were process goal, even if that still means lots of crosses! COVID looks to have had a more negative impact on my training based upon the below than it has in reality. I’ve been really consistent training wise, it’s the other stuff…

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and now you’re norcal famous! race was real solid, watched with some friends & we were talking about how you managed to win the sprint AFTER being in a break for a while

ya thanks! I thought it could be a fun race for Jeff to comment on. Glad he wanted to show it. I was hoping to draw out some other riders and try to get a break going but no one was that interested so I didn’t push it too hard when I was out solo. Surfed wheels to the finish like I’ve always had to do and finally got a win this time.

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Im not even sure where I started the year now to be honest. I was and had everything planned to race ToAD. Instead COVID hit and instead I’ve raced Redlands Bicycle Classic, Joe Martin Stage Race all on Zwift.

I’ve cracked 4w/kg for 20+ minutes in the past month on a few occasions.
Set a new FTP @342

Goals for the remainder of the year
Complete Disaster Day twice
Continue to build fitness
Break 1500w Sprint by end of December
The State Crit Titles are in Nov (on a very ordinary short course - 800m long. 400m uphill, 400 down plus a chicane)
Long term is to get down to 77-79kgs.
Do the few road races we have left in the short season
I MAY race Masters Nationals in January in the TT and Crit

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Since COVID hit and I finally saw my last doable triathlon cancelled for September I am aiming to keep it simple…focus on consistent training into 2021. This means sticking to the TR training plan, albeit with a later goal date. I think one of the keys to doing this without a very defined off-season is to let the occasional workout slide by guilt-free. By taking a longer term approach I am hoping to avoid burnout and keep that consistency high!

Good luck, all.

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Midyear update!

287w is my best 20 minute effort so far, thanks Crit City. I think I can hit 300 but it might have to wait for cooler weather.

Haven’t made it to Brown County yet to try to clean the Walnut trail. Too many scheduling problems due to COVID work disruptions. Still planning to take some cracks at it this fall if circumstances permit.

Not going to a crit or MTB race, even if they happen. Trying to stay home and avoid crowds when I can.

I haven’t ridden in a wholly new locale as per the goal, but I did take advantage of extremely low car traffic during the stay at home period and rode some large thoroughfares that don’t usually work for bikes.

Couple of other positive things:

I’m down 16 pounds from my winter max.

PR lap at my local MTB trail.

I’ve never been that excited about really long rides but my friend Brent had a nice idea to replace all his cancelled events: Brent Olson on Instagram: "#twcc2020 is next week! Everything is canceled. Everything. I’m deeply lacking in motivation in these days where every day is a week, every week is a month, and every month is a year. But we might as well make the most of a given period of time. So, we need a plan. Something big, weird, maybe a little stupid, with ways for people to connect in creative ways. So, here’s the plan: Let’s all share a week (July 12–18) that contains centuries. Sometimes plans have lots of structure. This plan has a flexible form. * Each ride should start at a donut shop, coffee shop, bagel shop, diner, or campsite. (you don’t have to go inside and order/eat/drink if it isn’t legal or safe, but they provide convenient starting spots). * Each ride should end at a brewery, distillery, ice-cream shop, or campsite. * Each ride should be about 100 miles. Unless you are metric, then you get to ride 100k. That’s cool. * As we’re still trying to keep everyone healthy, we all should start when we’re ready, ride at our own pace, finish when we are done. We should plan to be self-sufficient on the ride and resupply safely and responsibly. * We can ride one century, or seven. (or 2–6) * Are you a runner? What’s the running equivalent of biking 100 miles? (for me, I think it would be about 4 miles, but I’ll let you actual runners pick a number). * We use this as a way to support organizations you believe in. Connie and I will be making a per-mile donation to the Black Visions Collective, Cycling Palestine, and the Salt Lake City Bike Collective. Maybe people want to sponsor riders? * Social media is fun and social. Let’s commandeer the hashtag #TWCC2020 (This Week Contains Centuries) * #ridebikeshavefun"
So I did a solo century last weekend and was pleasantly surprised to average 18 mph and finish in under 6 hours including breaks. I have another one planned for this weekend at a more leisurely pace.

Once I’m ready for a break, I’m looking forward to a little jogging, mobility, and strength work.

I’m still finding motivation, still feeling direction. Still eking out a watt at a time. It feels sustainable. It feels positive.

Hang in there, everybody.


Oh I forgot! I also hit a couple of drops that I’m usually too chicken to hit (they’re small, but I’m a chicken). Progress!

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Well…I did well on the sleep and food. I weighed 160lb on the morning of my A race and pretty much nailed 3 rides and 3 runs a week all year…did I achieve my main goal…damm right! Team GB age group qualifier for world champs in Sprint duathlon! Thank you @Nate_Pearson @Jonathan @chad and everyone else on forum for all motivation, help and advice.


Well done. Nice to see you achieve a really impressive target. You must be well chuffed.

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I was thinking forward to 2021 and hopefully we have a few more races on the calendar - so I created this thread. Anyone else have 2021 goals to share there?


  • No, back where i started, but BF% is roughly the same or slightly less.
  • Yep, consistently able to PR my local single track segments, also collected 3rd at state champs in my age group
  • Was a yes, maybe backed down a bit towards the end of the year
  • Ramp tested 307w about 4 months ago, and have been setting power PRs every few weeks or so at varying durations

All in all a good year of improvement. Not very structured, but I prefer it that way, I lose motivation with structure very quickly. Looking forward to some more racing in 2021


Nice work!

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Sub 24min 5k :medal_sports:
Sub 1h50 half marathon :medal_sports:
Sub 4h marathon - Postponed
Sub 2h30 Olympic triathlon🥉2h36 (Virtual)
Sub 6h 70.3 :medal_sports:(Virtual)
Sub 14h 140.6 :trophy:(Virtual)



Despite only getting one race, I made a ton of progress this year. All time high volume and power across literally the entire power curve.


:white_check_mark: Bring bike on trips, workout aerobically on trips - I went to Australia in early March and brought my bike. The rest of the year took care of that goal for me.

:white_check_mark: It was a big volume year for me, even with an implosion.

:white_check_mark: I think I got 3 or 4 cat one upgrade points in one of two crits I did this year :tada:.

  1. Get into Cat 3 (Which is Cat 4 for you Americans)
  2. Get a podium from a crit race
  3. Break the 4W/KG barrier whilst staying above 80KG
  4. Beat my mate in a race, any race (guy has the heart of a horse)
  5. Sub 2h30 olympic triathlon (My swim last year was 53 minutes)
  6. Maybe just maybe a sub 1 hour 40km TT (unlikely, I’m not very aero)
  7. Sub 20 minute 5K and if that is done then sub 40 minute 10K (running)
  1. All crits cancelled after March. But I did get 2 points. 2021 goal now.

  2. Now a 2021 goal

  3. I did do this. Literally got to 320W @ 80kg

  4. It took a 220km ride, but I managed to end up being the one toeing him around.

  5. I lost interest in running and swimming

  6. Never got the chance to do a 40K TT

  7. See 5

So 2 out of 7. But I partly blame Corona.

  1. Got to 260 in June by taking my training back outside and by following a plan with a lot more endurance riding and less intervals. After a summer of lifting have about 3.5 months of mostly endurance training and closing in on 260 FTP again. Yesterday had a top 5 power best @ 3 hour duration on a 3 hour ride. Really happy with progress on the entire power curve.

  2. Focused on 3 & 4 and pushed this out to 2021. Bought a weight loss meal plan from FasCat and will be adapting it.

  3. & 4. Hired a coach in August and he has helped me with consistently hitting 7+ hours cycling and 2+ hours strength.


Time to review?

  • 300W FTP (currently 247)

doubtful, i’ve been brushing 270-290 the last couple months but don’t think i’ve hit workouts consistently enough that i’m there

  • 3k miles riding (2.7k this year)

currently at 4800, prob will hit 5k by end of year!

  • 100k ft climbing (83k this year)

188k right now!

  • be able to stick with the pack for the weekly crits (C race)
  • reach cat 4 in at least 1 discipline (will probably have the race #s but I’m not planning to cat up without a podium)

rip covid. catted up to 4 for cx because of mandatory upgrades & never actually raced. what a bust :frowning:

also a non goal that happened: lost 15lbs between workouts & covid WFH meaning no work buffet

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