2016 LV Criterium speciality

Hi all, can anybody help?
Looking at my TrainingPeaks calendar, back in 2016 I had some good success with my training in doing the first half of the Low volume criterium speciality plan,
Now I would like to try the second half of this plan, but did not keep a record, and cannot remember the specific workouts, let alone the sequence. If anyone has this in their diary/calendar, could you upload the rest of the plan here? (not interested in the current crit LV plan)

For reference, the workouts and sequence I have are as follows

FTP test
San Joaquin
Black Giant
Julius Caesar


Had a quick look through the wayback machine but since it’s behind a paywall you can’t see the plans.

What’s the reason you’re not interested in the current plans?

Here is one old version of the Low Vol Crit:

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Yeah, its proving tricky to find the older plans.
Just interested to see again the second half of this speciality block.
Looking at the current LV crit plan, they are very different, none of the workouts from 2016 feature in the current one.
One of the things I love about trainerroad is the huge workout library, and would like to stick the other half of this block together as a plan.

No, I’m looking for an older version, thnaks anyway, it begins with Red, hunger, etc

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