20 minute FTP test (new user ) Update

Just completed? the 20 minute test, as per in app, so slope mode came in automatically.
Interesting results . I found it impossible to maintain the wattage for 20 minutes and several times had to freewheel then slowly get back to it.
As a result I ended up with a result 17 watts below my old (January) ramp test result.(done at Vankru )
Im a tiny rider, and have a fairly low ftp! But I have realised over the may decades Ive been a bike racer that my weakness seems to be maintaining anything Threshold or above for any length of time.
The disciplines I do well in are MTB and cyclo x racing , whereas TT and road racing are challenging for me. I am a true diesel , and the reason I win races is probably because I just keep grinding it out!!
I find the sweetspot training very easy, can pedal away all day. Terefore I am going to keep my original FTP result for my training, and only manually adjust it if the higher end workouts become impossible to complete.
Sorry this is long. But Id be interested to hear others experience of this. Am I a typical old git? ie DIESEL :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: