20 Minute FTP test (1st one , new user)

Although I use Erg mode for most of my sessions, it would make more sense to use Resistance mode for the FTP test. Your thoughts on this ,please, anyone who has done a few of these. I find Erg mode a bit strange , and dont like the feel it takes over. Sometimes when Im spinning in an easy /tempo session, it takes over and I spin faster and faster and the watts go way higher than I`m meant to be riding at. I am getting used to it but need some advice for the test

Yes, the TR test drops to slope/resistance for the test portion, but it would be simpler to run the whole thing without ERG and follow the text, but ignore all power targets, especially if you don’t have a baseline FTP.

Another option is to do a ramp test and then 20-minute test a few days later, if you want a target to hit.

I think I understand what you’re saying, though it should control that within a few seconds. But also, it means you are over target as well. If you’re going to ride in resistance mode, then you need to be watching the device where TR is running.

This might help

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Thanks. I think I will experiment a bit with these and do the 20 minute one in erg mode and the ramp test on my free day 3 days later. I won`t be totally fresh , but I did my last one 6 weeks ago (not on TR) and had a bit of a cold virus , and it is very rare that I am fresh anyway(unless the days before an A Race)

I don’t think anyone is recommending you do this - you should use slope or resistance mode for the 20 minute test

Many thanks, I’m giving it a go tomorrow

Yes, you`re right. I ve just done the 20 minute FTP test and it automatically goes into slope mode.
Going to update the info .