2 x 70.3s - how close together is too close together?

How close together would you be willing to schedule 2 x 70.3s?

Depends on your background and goals.

How many 70.3’s have you done? After my first one, I could barely walk for a week. A few years later, I had knocked 30 min off that time and was back training on Tuesday.

Are both races A races? If not, you can space them pretty close tougher, certainly 2 weeks apart. If you want to be on top form for both, you’ll probably need 6-8 weeks.

Impossible to answer without knowledge of your training volume, race priority, how long the race will take you, etc.

I’ve raced Gulf Coast then Chattanooga back to back weekends several times (my best overall Amateur placing at an Ironman branded event was actually at Chatt, which was a week after GC that was just ok). That said, those years that I did that I was averaging around 20-21hrs/wk going in. If that’s your volume then a half iron isn’t any longer than a typical Saturday, just a little harder, and you should bounce back after a couple days, have a workout to knock the cobwebs out mid week, then rest and race again.

I also did a 1:5X at Memphis in May when Olympic distance racing was still a thing around 15 years ago the weekend after Gulf Coast.

In my opinion, 2-3 weeks is harder than back to back because there is a larger amount of time to actually lose fitness and botch the lead in to the 2nd race.

Three months would be nice, two weeks would be daft.

6 weeks probably optimal, if you’re doing a series of events.

agree with the others above.

if you have a bit of experience, 1-2 weeks can be nice. anything around 4 weeks is not so ideal because it doesn’t allow much training between recovery and taper, thus a relatively long period with medium training input. 6 weeks or more, easy peasy to fit around good training!

Racing two this summer two weeks apart

Its kind of an experiment, but I am also training really hard into both races. 70.3 CDA is June 26 and hoping for it be my A race (its my home race) and then 70.3 Oregon is a travel race.

Hoping to focus on recovery before and through the first race, then bring in some intensity and race again quickly. I am hoping to cover these in the same peak of fitness. The old saying of surfing the wave for the second race.

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Depends…… (helpful I know).

But for me it depends purely on fitness level. I’ve done back to back weekends of 70.3 races last year. And raced well in both (AG podium first weekend and winning smaller race the next week). I’d actually say my second race was a better performance with a bike / run I was pretty happy with.

Optimal is probably having a high fitness level and also having peaked and tapered well with the events two weeks apart.

Otherwise, I’d agree with advice elsewhere and look to have 4-6 weeks apart if the above doesn’t really apply.

A 70.3 is a lot less TSS than I’d do in a normal weekend training so I tell myself it isn’t that hard to recover from!!

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