12 Weeks In & Need Advice

I’m now in my 12th week of TR and looking at my end goals. I could use some advice. My goals are not lofty nor specific. I’d like to be ready to attack local segments in early June and for a few weeks. Most of those efforts are 2-20 mins long (3-10, primarily).

In that pursuit, I’ve done this . . .

  • Base Phase (Mid Vol)
  • Build Phase (Mid Vol)

The plan is to do one of these options next . . .

  • Specialty Phase (Road, Mid Vol) – Not sure if I should do Criterium or Rolling Road

The specialty phase is 8 weeks and that puts me into the week of May 13. Then what? And which plan? Should I reconsider doing another build phase?

I guess it depends on the segments. If you’re aiming for a KOM on some very long segments then I’d go for the TT, but if there are a number of short segments on your usual route then Rolling Road Race sounds like a good option.

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Hi Purgatos…It’s a mix of KOMs I’m shooting for. Most are 2-10 minutes long on flat or rolling hills. There are some climbs but I’m just going to consider those bonus levels. I’m supposed to start on the next training plan tomorrow but am at a loss.

I remember Coach Chad said in the podcast that 40k TT is a specialty that anyone can learn from, so if you’re stuck choosing that is probably a good default.

Good luck!

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Someone else suggested that, too. It may be the way to go. Will it sharpen me too much if it ends earlier than I want?

Go after them after the season is over or else the’ll just get taken within a week or two. As for KOM hunting, General build and rolling road is fine.

BMAC615 Do you mean wait to go after KOMs until the end of summer? If so, that is what I’m trying to avoid. The past 2 years I waited and stuff happened and I never got to strut my stuff. So, I’m going to work on them earlier this year.