12 week to get fit again

hi all

So April was a “slow” month, at the time nothing to worry about, and then May hit, got sick, and been sick since. getting over it now, but now have problem, in 12 weeks, first weekend Oct I have a 3 day stage race.
Idea #1 - just start with SSBL1 and get as far through it as I can, 3 rides during week, long ride on wknds. or
Idea #2 - SUGGESTIONS Please.


Just do SSBI and SSBII. No better bang for your buck given where you are.


ye pretty much what my thinking has been.

I agree with option #1. But by my count, 1st weekend of October gives you nearly 15 weeks, which will get you into some of the Build phase. But you will need to think about September and how you time the recovery week in SSBII, early Build phase, and the need for a taper before your race.

ok, more like 3.5 weeks.
Ignore this week, not 100% yet.
Ignore week of 29 Sept - 2 Oct as that’s 3 days before the race.
leaving 13 weeks in there.
Thinking pure hit SSBL, thats 8 weeks and then see where i am, can do maybe first first 3 weeks of build, or another SSBL 1 / first 4 weeks at a little bump on ftp.

I don’t know where your 8 weeks come from. SSBI is 6 weeks, then SSBII is another 6 weeks. 12 weeks total.

So if you have 13 weeks to your event, I’d repeat week 5 of SSBII as week 12, then do the recovery week in week 13.

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type + Not enough coffee yet…

Correct, 12 weeks, there other programs like Build = 8 weeks as 2 x 4 week blocks.`