11 days of no-bike but running mid SSB2 - how to make most of it and what to do with the TSS?

Going to have a close to 2 week break after 2nd week of SSB2 on a remote island - no options at all to bike, but looking to run a bit to minimize fitness losses. Just finished SSB1 with good compliance, including rest week.

1 - My most important question - what type of running should I aim for as someone that really just cares about cycling? I can use HR and phone GPS to pace. Focus on longer Z2 time? Mix a few high HR intervals in? Or something else? I hardly ever run but am at good BMI, not overweight, etc. Understand I need to listen to joints and not overdo it. Realistically, I’m not likely to average much over 30 mins - but maybe I could if I kept pace down. I have the option to run on sand or pavement.

2 - what should I do with the TSS I calculate from said running? Is it even worth putting in my cycling chart as relevant or will it have so little bearing on preserving cycling fitness that I just shouldn’t bother and accept it’s an 11 day loss of fitness?

3 - if not getting crushed before trip, may try to super-compensate with an extra workout or two stacked up going into break - did this last year before a winter trip and it seemed to work OK

4 - on return, thinking I’ll maybe re-do the Thu/Sat/Sun 2nd week of SSBII and then continue on to week 3. Reasonable?

Other ideas and tips welcome! Tis the season for this question I think…