What workout to swap out

I am starting SSB HV and swapping 1 of the 2hr weekend workouts for a 3-4hr outdoors. I see there is slight TSS difference between the Sat and Sunday workouts but what one should I swap out? Does it matter?


I don’t think it makes a lot of difference - when I did it in the past I did both…that said if you intend to ride at a steady zone2 effort outside I would keep whichever has the shorter slightly higher power intervals if there is a difference…if not toss a coin :laughing:

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It won’t matter too much but what you have before or after may influence whether you do it on a Saturday. I’ve a Friday rest day and a Monday rest day so it doesn’t really matter to me, but if I had a Monday session of an IF around 0.9, I would prefer to have the out doors ride on the Saturday so I can recover for Monday.

Thanks. I have light Friday like Petitt and Monday is my rest day. So I should be ok either way. I’m tempted to make sunday the outdoor but will probably be dictated by family and switch between sat and Sunday. I will then assess which of the 2 TR workouts to do on the other day - most weeks they are quite similar in TSS and IF

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