1000 watts for one minute. Is it true?



@Roadney Believe it’s easy enough in Trainerroad to tick a box and data from that ride isn’t included in your PRs, I’ve done that myself before. I think that also affects the power curve.

The other option I have used is to grab your ride from Garmin connect (the fit file) and use the fit file tool website to remove peaks and other erronous data. Have done that on more than one occasion when I’ve had big spikes.

You have to throw out that file with the spike, and let the charts redraw, that’s all.

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Yes teckert that’s what I mean

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@TheCyclissimo Always on Tuesdays, huh? :thinking:

On Tuesdays we go fast :upside_down_face:

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I think you are misunderstanding the data on my graph. The graph is compiled from every race, ride, workout I have done in 2019 but the individual data points are pulled from individual workouts. The workouts in question (those above 2,000 watts prior to firmware update resolving spike issue) are from pre April 2019. I can look at any point on the graph and see what workout I achieve that PR on. Both my 30s and 1min PR are from my Oct 10 2019 group ride as displayed in the screenshot.

There’s no misunderstanding since you just now clarified it, and I don’t even know why I am still bothering with this subset of the topic, but if I were you, I would still exclude files you know to contain bad data, so that your charts reflect reality.

ok all done with it

He’s 80-85kg and a former decathlete.

930 for 30 sec, 690 for 1 min according to TR curve. Might try this as an official test one day :grin:

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Got 1139 for 30 seconds earlier this spring (before I took a couple months off riding) during a 30-sec sprint workout; usually around 1050± for 30 seconds. Never really tried going all out that long before, but that would be a fun goal to work toward and see where I wind up.


I came up just short of 1kw for 1 minute when I drilled it up a local death climb.

I’m not yet a TR user, don’t own a trainer, and had only had a power meter (pioneer dual sided on R8000 cranks) for about a month or so at that time.

I’m heavy as hell though and had been doing lots of fast drop rides for nearly a year at that point.


I used to race w/ him in Detroit…was trying to find this video…THANKS

That’s mad, my goal is to break 1000w for any length of time! I’m just not that good I guess.


unfortunately i’m not sure you understand how a power curve is plotted. It takes the maximum peaks from the input data. So if you have bad data, it will build the peak incorrectly, hence “garbage in garbage out”
If the rest of your data is robust as you say it is, delete the data you KNOW is wrong and let the graphs replot. End of discussion.

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1 year and 7 months later from the last time I posted here…I said I would attempt 1000w for 1 min @61kg.(Jan. 2020)
I’m now 70 kg and recorded 1,071 watts for 1 Minute yesterday. Took over 1.5 years of hard work and 9kg of weight gain, but I’ve finally done it with proof.


Depends on the size. A guy I worked with on the road could hit over 750w for a minute, at 72kg. We agreed he needed someone else making out his workouts, and a move to the track (I know pursuit ok, but nothing about the sprints). He ended up as a Masters national champ in the kilo and a World Champ in the team pursuit.

He never got to 4 w/kg on the road, but did he ever have crazy 1min power.


@JonCyclist22 I SALUTE YOU!!

Not 1 in 1000 cyclists would commit to a goal like that. And I don’t mean the magnitude of the accomplishment although that is certainly worthy of comment…I mean the level of commitment to a goal. That is awesome. I regret that I have but one thumb to give to your post.


Love that you came back and proved it.

What was the nature of your ride that you achieved it on? Indoor/outdoor? specific test for 1min or it just happened in another workout.

Excellent work - very well done :+1:t2: :muscle:t2:

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