1000 watts for one minute. Is it true?

I know Toms says it is but we know he’s had some head injuries. :wink:

As we used to say in the strength community when the internet was young: Show me the JPEGS! Anybody got some data showing 1000W for a minute? Heck, I’d be impressed with 30 seconds.


For one minute? Probably… maybe. There are some mega strong riders out there. Have you seen the video where German track sprinter Robert Förstermann powers an electric toaster for 2 minutes (almost) at 700W? He might be able to.
I’ve cracked 1000w for 30s a couple of times, both indoor and outdoor. It hurts.


What is your FTP?

365 acc. to a 20min(385w) test done in feburary

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Oh yeah. That dude probably could. He can legit squat, too. Not the sky high butt winking squatting you see fakey lifters doing…but LEGIT squatting.

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You are a beast

Out of interest what can you do for 5 minutes?

I reckon I’m about 3/4 of the way there for 1min… My goal for the year is 850w, but I haven’t either taken the time to test or had to use a long sprint in a race thus far.

30 sec I’ve hit 1000+ a few times, but haven’t hit it yet this year.

I’d think 1000w for a minute is doable for an elite level or pro cyclist. I’m sure someone like Justin Williams can.


I’m sure many a track cyclist or top-level sprinter can hit those numbers. What’s more impressive is hitting that after a big effort. I think for most of us, if we go back and look at our PRs, they’re often towards the beginning of a ride when well tapered, etc. What’s more, it’s the repeatability of these sorts of efforts that makes those guys extraordinary in that they can do them in the midst of stage races and whatnot.





My 1 min PR is around 750 watts as a Cat 5 with a 270 watt FTP. I’m sure there are a bunch of people who can do way more for way longer. whats better though…1000w for one min or 800 watts for 3? I’ll likely never be able to do either lol


(assuming you’re asking me) 450-460, but I haven’t tested since last summer :slight_smile: That is not a repeatable effort though!!


That is very impressive one minute power! You should have room to grow your ftp based on that :smile:


I have heard top level sprinters talk about getting 60-90 sec leadouts around 1000 watts without being able to do it them self even tho they must have a way higher 15sec sprint

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just barely got the 30s…maybe this is on my list for the weekend now. haha.


Ya, definitely! Let’s see what you can do!

The names escape me now but I believe that current World Tour sprinter had to swap his lead out man. The lead out rider could hit and hold 1,200 for around a minute. The sprinter said that it left him with nowhere to go :rofl:

I’m sure this was a discussion on a recent-ish episode of the CyclingTips Podcast.


lol i dont think anyone in the world is doing 800 for 3m! well maybe someone 100kg or more. 650 would be world class level


Greg Van Avermaet did over 900W for ± 60 seconds to win Stage 13 of Le Tour de France 2016. He beated Sagan on the uphill finish @ Rodez… after a 200k stage… after 12 days Tour… :slight_smile:


I’ve done 1000W for 10 seconds.

So…see you all on a different thread. I don’t belong here. Must’ve taken a wrong turn :wink: