2700w peak power!?!

Found a fun video below of a bmx, mtb and track cyclist sprint challenge from various distances 25-200 meters. I know bmx guys can touch 2000+ but the track guy does 2700w peak :flushed:. Also it’s crazy how fast bmx guys can spin.

FYI it’s in German but I had subtitles.


To be honest, I was quite surprised at that peak power number. I thought 2,400~2,500 W was the limit track sprinters could reach and that BMX pros were on par with that. 2,700 W is bananas.

Entertaining. It would have been interesting to see power files for each rider for each effort and gearing used by the track and BMX riders. I wonder how much the results would change with the trackie on the same ratio as the BMX rider.

Track guy was definitely overgeared for the shorter sprints. I also wonder what their 100 meter time was? It was hard to tell with he camera cuts. It’s be interesting to throw Usain Bolt in there…

ITS IN GERMAN?! excuse me?
Its Dutch, also called netherlands :wink:


:rofl: my mistake thanks ! I aught to know better my family comes from Germany on my fathers side and the Netherlands on my mothers. We all speak ‘Mercan thou


That would be awesome

Dutsch, Deutsch, the difference seems to be an e. :stuck_out_tongue:

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