Sprint power trainability

Ive never once done any sprint training per se. Im wondering how trainable is sprint power in people’s experience? I’m probably going to start doing some 30 second sprint efforts during the week to see if I can bring my sprint up and Im just wondering how much improvement is a ballpark to hope for. My peak power is about 1300 W at 1 sec and 1000 watts at 15 seconds (at the end of a race if I’m fresh, I can’t really do better even not in race tho) Im 76 Kg. Im hoping to be able to get to point of sustaining something like 1200 W for 15-20 seconds and since my peak gets that high Im hoping thats not a tall order.

Yeah I’d say you’ll be able to train it if you never have before and you’re putting out those numbers.
There is a lot of form that needs to be worked on when sprinting. It’s not just mash the pedals like I used to think it was.

My thoughts exactly.

Pete and Nate did quite a bit of work in this area. I believe there are a couple of very useful form/technique videos on the TR YouTube channel. I’d start by digging those out.

I’m really hoping to see if anyone has actually seen improvements from training in this regard and how much

Off the top of my head if you’re already doing 1k for 15 seconds then adding 200 more watts doesn’t seem too hard to do. Repeatability seems like the hard part to me.
Form is what gets me, I used to be a bodybuilder/power lifter with a 500lb deadlift and 450 squat at 185 pounds and when I try to sprint on the drops and pull up I tend to pull the entire bike off its line and it gets all sketchy so I’ve just done seated sprints but being that Ive only been biking a few months its something I plan to work on this next summer.
A funny/not so funny side note is the first day on my Wahoo Kickr I stood up to sprint and pulled so hard the bike rolled over the trainer and snapped both chain stays on my s-works tarmac. It was an emotional day to say the least and a hard lesson learned.

“Sprinters are born, then made.”

Adding 10%? Easy-peasy. Adding 20%? Doable. Adding 30%? Well…