1000 watts for one minute. Is it true?

I can’t hit 850w but my best 1min is 9.45wkg and while I haven’t raced much since I got back on the bike in Fall of 2018, there’s not many 1-5min strava segments I couldn’t poach if I was so inclined. If you can get over 9 not many people will be able to match that.

I think there’s a fair genetic contribution to short power, as well. Today I surprised myself and managed 8.6wkg after an hour of Z2 and an hour of racing (tempo w/short VO2 efforts) on Zwift, and I’m in a big aerobic training block, 12-14hr weeks, fair bit of fatigue, and not much focus on 1min.

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Surely not true for me :slight_smile: I’m anaerobically challenged.
However I highly doubt everyone who reports they’ve done it have actually done it. PM’s are most challenged when sprinting. Some can’t deal with side to side leaning of the bike etc. At the top end they can be off a lot of watts.

Still though. Even if they are over reading by 100w I’d be much impressed with 850-900 for a minute. Those guys are doing something right!

Last year…

Only 25 seconds for me for 1000w. Did it going for a 38s segment up an 8% short hill.

I did exactly 750w (10.14w/kg) for a minute going for a KOM up another short hill. If it hadn’t flattened out after about 55s the number would’ve been a lot nicer. Got both KOMs though :joy:

I’ll need to try and get some of this (and more hopefully) top end back again for my 1st year of racing this year.

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How should we judge success rate?

There is two ways to calculate :slight_smile:
27s / 60s = 45%
726W / 1000W = 72.6%

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Check in from another rider who has cracked 1k for 30s a few times. It was always an arbitrary goal that I wanted to achieve, and was able to hit it somewhat on demand last year.

Still waiting to crack that 1.5k max, I think that may be possible this year.


Essentially the exact same way I did my 1min max, though the segment was only 46s long. I wonder what the avg would have been if I would have kept on going full out for the entire 60s.

Luckily (or unlucky) I tied for the segment KOM, which means I don’t really have it, so I can go back and redo it whilst hammering it even more this time :smiley:

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9,45 is a heck of a nice number mate :slight_smile: My best is like 8,13 so you would have totally smoked me up a climb despite me being able to crank out more in terms of pure watts.

But then again, that’s exactly why I don’t race hilly evens and stick solely to flat courses :wink:

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Calum is an absolute beast
1100w for 45 seconds at Winster last summer

He also started so hard at the Urban Hill Climb he unclipped from his pedal, and still smashed it


Does TrainerRoad have a power curve chart, or do you guys use other apps to see it?

My best is 1005watts for 31 seconds and 715watts for 1 min, 97kg

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You can see it by going to your account on TR and clicking Career > Personal Records

It then shows you your curve based on the past rides you’ve done (not sure if you get one when using virtual power, maybe?)

Your peak power is 2300+ watts? :dizzy_face:

What workouts are you using to boost this kind of sprint capacity?

I think the 2300 watts for 1 sec was a glitch from my power meter

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Then…your whole chart is sadly an exemplar of the garbage in, garbage out aphorism.


The chart is made up from data from my 3 power meters. I have a stages, assioma duo’s, and a tacx neo 2. Outside of the 2,300 watt spike (there was a garmin update in early 2019 that fixed that) the rest of the data points are consistent. Not sure what power meter you think is better.

All I am saying is if you have a 2300 spike in the chart, the rest of the chart is affected.


I don’t understand your logic, the chart isn’t from 1 workout. So I have to throw out all my power data because a stages power meter had a 1 second spike (known issue) back in April of 2019?

I don’t mean to brag, but yesterday I was cruising home from a race a put out a normalized power of for 41 seconds.

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 3.32.58 PM

Not sure what happened to my power meter but it went crazy.


I think what he is trying to say is if your :31 @ 1005 or :60 @ 715 was from the same effort where you had the incorrect power spike of 2,300 watts for :01-:03 it would affect the average for your :31 and :60 making it appear higher than it might truly be. If the 2,300 watt spike is from some other random day than those efforts are probably accurate.