1000 watts for one minute. Is it true?

Currently only sitting at 730w for 1 minute and 623 for 90s.

This thread makes me fee inadequate :joy:


Awesome :muscle: :clap: I cant even manage 1000w for 1 sec.


That’s a fairly insane peak power you have there in your history as well!

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That is insanely impressive man!

Now go and grab every 1 min uphill KOM you can find! That’s nuts you can do that power at such low mass.

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This year I have only managed 390w for a min, even my all time bests pre op in 2019 of 552w and 466w post don’t come close to you :joy:

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Here’s my sub 1min. I did a 1min test this past May. I weight 75kg.

The lower numbers <45s are from other rides.

Prob could hit 1000w for 30s if I specifically tried to do all out 30.

I go 700-750w after 3hrs pretty regularly on the local club ride hill sprint, but no way could I hit 1000w avg fresh (that’s legendary lol). Used to run 400m in high school so I’m pretty good at these efforts.


Made some recent progress on this (long term) goal.

Interim milestone was to aim for 800w for 1 minute and 1000w for at least 30s.

Hit the latter and just missed the former during a short unplanned hill effort during my supposed ‘recovery’ rise yesterday.

Hit 828w for 50s so pretty pleased with that. Also upped my 1 minute PB from 728w to 740w.

Still a long way and lots of hard work to go on the journey to a Kilowatt minute.

Unfortunately my high body weight and relatively high body fat means the W/Kg is pitiful. On the other hand I guess it isn’t that terrible for someone closing in on 50 years of age. :joy:

Little bit of GoPro footage to verify: :laughing:


Still slowly plugging away at this goal.

Hit 900w for 45s and 811w for the full minute today, which is a reasonable ‘nudge’ up from my last effort.

I know it’s a fairly arbitrary and meaningless goal but for some reason it’s hooked me and I’m determined to get there eventually :smiley:

Obligatory evidence:


No goal is meaningless as it makes you happy. And with that power go to the track and you will be fairly competitive rider.

Good work!

I’d be interested to hear of your training methodology to get to 1000w. I’d assume your focusing heavily on anaerobic stuff and hitting the gym?

Haha - thanks but I think I’d need to significantly up my game for that type of endeavour lol :joy: at nearly 49 years old and circa 93/94kg weight I have some room for improvement !! Also at 6’3” tall i may be a bit of a windbreak for others but am not particularly aero :laughing:

Actually nothing specific.

Haven’t set foot in a gym since January 2016 when I detached my pec-major tendon :grimacing:

Last anaerobic training I did on TR was well over a year ago. I’ve been focusing this last year on simply gaining general fitness (and FTP) back after some time off due to recovery from various ailments arising from being knocked off my bike in April 2020 by a car.

My FTP tested at 225 in early Jan this year and the last test is did a few weeks back set me at 284. I think I’m probably just over 290 now. Still a fair bit off my all time peak in 2019 of around 330 ish.

I think physiology wise I have the inherent base power (albeit my absolute peak and 5s peak are relatively poor) but the limiter has been aerobic - so as my TTE and FTP has gone back up I’ve been able to ‘hold’ the power a little longer each time.

I’m sure this is a diminishing gain scenario and at some point soon I will need to consider some specific ‘training’ if I want to continue to progress.

At that point I will likely go for outside ‘real world’ hill repeats of between 45s and 90s once a week. Focusing on really generating peak watts and holding on - technique and all that; there seem to be a multitude of YouTube tutorials out there to take some learning from :grinning:

I’m not a fan of higher power work on the trainer - I have a Wattbike Atom and whilst it’s perfect for the majority of TR workouts there is something of a short delay with the higher power work and ERG mode makes it weird (in my experience).

Also I confess my current cycling goals do actually ‘clash’ in as much as my A event for next year (April) is a long steady climb for around 1 hour (hopefully just under :grinning:) at around 7% average incline but this separate kilowatt / minute goal is also refusing to die in my mind :joy:

Not sure I will ever go back to gym work now but I accept it would be beneficial. My lifetime PRs for deadlifts and squats weren’t bad and I lifted pretty consistently from age 14 (1986/7) through to 2016 so I guess my ‘base’ even when diminished may be part of the reason my 45s to 1min power is generally reasonable?

Any tips you’ve got will be gratefully received :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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You must have good genetics if you’ve not specifically trained!

Next season I’ll be embarking on a similar project, though focusing on W/Kg rather than absolute W. Have touched around 10 W/Kg for one min, but would like to get this up to 12-13.

I’ve seen decent gains in short power from a proper strength training regime (mainly heavy squats and deadlifts) and also anaerobic capacity and the stamina bike sessions (first building absolute power achievable, then extending time held).

Best up luck!

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That’s impressive. Given my high body weight my w/kg is a lot lower, so not really that great.

To get to 1000w for me at my current body weight is around 10.75 W/kg for the full minute.

12-13 would mean circa 1200w for me :joy::joy:

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World Record holder in Kilo is 182 cm and 86 kg - so not featherweight :slight_smile: Especially given your age you would be really fast.

You think? How would someone like me (below average Joe cyclist) get involved or ‘try out’ track cycling? It’s not something that has ever crossed my mind / I know literally nothing about it to be honest.

Don’t know what your nearest track is in Hampshire (that’s right isn’t it from your video?) - up here the Manchester velodrome has regular taster sessions, we have also booked it out as a club a couple of times.

You can then do an accreditation and they have something called SQT (structured quality training) sessions a few times a week which are open to anyone who’s accredited (from what I understand - I’m not accredited myself, I have just been to a few tryout/club days). I guess other velodromes e.g., London will be similar. Example below from their site. I believe the Stage stuff on Sundays is accreditations:



Awesome thanks :sunglasses:

Amazing!! You may have said this previously, but what is ur cadence and are you in or out of saddle??

Just trying to understand techniques for something like tho.

Alexander Kamp (of Trek Segafredo) looks to be chasing a 1kw minute. He is a puncheur/sprinter, beat GVA et al as a Pro Conti rider in '19, in a n uphill finish. Not a big guy.