Time off the bike

Decided - after training non-stop bar illness for over a year, recently hitting 100 CTL on two occasions - that it was time for a reset. So taking 2 weeks off the bike.

So far I have…

  • Eaten something for breakfast that didn’t primarily consist of oats!
  • Eaten less than 3000 calories in a day!
  • Bought a pair of running shoes!
  • Gone for a (very gentle) run!
  • Run some errands on my bike in my normal clothes and no heart rate monitor!
  • Taken the train out to a village I normally ride to and walked down the hardest climb (see photo) before having ice cream and visiting a Roman villa!
  • Had to remind myself occasionally that I should take a shower because I’m so used to doing it after exercise!

Anyone else (planning on) taking a break? What new delights await you?


Good for you. It’s lovely that you are enjoying the experience.


So, you decided you need a break from bike training, immediatly bought running shoes, and went for a run? :thinking:


Learning to run is such a nice mental break from bike training. Such little faff.


I REALLY need to do this, but I’m too OCD to admit it. Thanks for providing the motivation I needed to actually take a break.


Not quite immediately! I’m a week into the break. Week 1 was completely exercise-free bar a leisurely walk and a couple of bike errands. Now in week 2 which is bike free but I’m using it to build up my running stamina (I’m a complete beginner) to where I can run 30 minutes without ruining my legs…

Edit: also, going for a 30 minute run is very different to 2 hour turbo or 4 hour weekend ride. Just slip on shorts and vest and socks and shoes and go.


Yeah it was after a chat I had with a coach who told me that the long-term benefits - both mental and physical - massively outweigh any fitness losses you’ll incur.

I have to tell someone! Have just completed a 20min ftp test and managed 310w, so 295ftp, 4.2 w/kg.
This is within spitting distance of my peak ability a few years ago using a coach and training myself to death 5 days a week. However for the last two years I’ve done no formal training. I’ve spent periods trying the gym, pilates, running, sitting around… through it all I’ve ridden my bikes loads but nothing structured. This year I’ve been doing bikepacking. Have had tons of days off the bike but have also done around 7 off road centuries since March. Last weekend I did a two day trip then this week I didn’t ride apart from a cx play on Thurs and a gentle spin this morning just to enjoy the dawn. Then I test near my best this afternoon!
Suffice to say I now support anyone who wants to broaden their repertoire a bit.

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Hah, it was a bit of a tongue-in-cheek comment, to make fun of your exercise ‘addiction’. Running is good, and agree its easier to fit in than a bike session. I’ve been trying to do more running again too, but I’ve got dodgy ankles and struggling to shake off an injury.

Planning a two week break from structure or maybe entirely off the bike. We will see how I feel. Already own running shoes so I might go for one or two. Otherwise, I plan on walking with my wife and playing with the girls during my normal ride times. I’ll start base when I feel like it, sometime in October.


My method is the walk-run-walk method, as I don’t have an injury as such, but really struggled when I did too much on a holiday without the bike once.

Did 5x(3min run / 1 min walk) today. Taking it in alternate days, I’ll go to 5x(4/1), 5x(5/1), 5x6/1), 3x(10/1), 2x(15/1), then just start running 30 minutes at a time. In a week’s time I’ll be back on the bike too, and as the volume builds, hopefully continue doing at least one run a week during base period.


Sometime in October, once the weather turns for certain, I’ll take a full two weeks off to reset myself physically and mentally before diving back into training/riding.

For those that haven’t done it before because they are afraid of the losses - I strongly recommend it. you’ll get everything back quicker than you think, and frankly who cares if you drop fitness a bit during your off-season

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For me, it will be kind of nice not to have to consume a horrible amount of calories / food every single day!


I’ll take a full two weeks off the bike in the beginning of November.

I “gave up cycling training” for the year, a week ago. Since then i’ve run 5 times, including 11 miles at race pace yesterday and had a 90 min easy bike ride which rapidly degenerated into a non-stop blast at sweetspot and a PR up a local steep hill. I’ve also just baked a vast tray of flapjacks as if to fuel some bike rides and i’ve charged all my bike electronics… But i’m trying. Despite it being sunny and Sunday i’m only going to go for a walk later… I’ve promised myself. :grimacing:

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I’ve stopped since maybe end of July. I’ve ridden the gravel bike without power and with a bar bag full of snacks looking for test solo campsites.

It’s been lovely and chilled, tbh I think training will wait a bit longer.

Sometimes you need to stop and smell the roses. Then I can get psyched up and get back to it.

Started my off season a couple weeks ago after getting burned out from over a year of structured training. Also started running and really like the change of pace. Only doing what I feel like and not stressing about any power numbers.

I’ll probably keep this up till the real crappy winter weather hits and outside riding becomes less fun. Really enjoying this off time. Also, I think I’ll keep the running year round. Love the feeling of freedom it gives me. Plus, it’s super time efficient and good for bone density.

As a heads-up to a new runner. Go carefully at first. Your aerobic fitness from cycling will mean that you are able to go further, faster and more often than your legs are ready to take. It takes a while for the connecting tissues to strengthen and adapt to running. So don’t try to do too much too soon…

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How are you thinking of incorporating it into your week? I was thinking of doing Tue Wed Sat Sun on the bike, and Thu as a run, so if I was a bit sore from it I’d have an extra day to recover.

Some days I stop eating because I can’t take it anymore! “I’ll catch up tomorrow!” :crazy_face:

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