1) multiple sport training plans and 2) exporting training plans to iCal or garmin cal?

I’m focused on fitness and health now, rather than “being a faster cyclist”. My goals for 2023-2024 are broad, and I want to cross train and incorporate a lot of stretching work.

  1. Training plan to combine trail running, indoor rowing, indoor riding, stretching. Any advice on plans or tools that can mix up my training activities?

  2. With all the plans I find, generally they’re a picture of a plan, and I’d have to enter manually into iCal or garmin Cal. Is there any way people have worked out how to get a multi sport plan together and into a calendar (that can remind me on my watch/phone about workouts?). I did a garmin running plan once that was great when I had a garmin watch, but their plans are sparse and I no longer run a Garmin watch.

Any pointers appreciated.