TrainerRoad is now available for all current iOS devices including iPad! We’ve been hard at work to make sure that we make the iPad experience as good as it can possibly be, and we’ve even been able to sneak in some cool new features. But before we get into all of that, let’s take a look at the basics.


TrainerRoad is compatible with iPad 2 or newer and all iPad Mini models. If you have Bluetooth Smart devices, you can simply pair right up to your devices without any keys or dongles. The only exception to this is the iPad 2 since it does not support Bluetooth Smart.

Here’s what you will need in order to use TrainerRoad with your ANT+ devices:

iPad 2, iPad 3rd Generation

iPad 4th Generation, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3

Most Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ devices can be used with iOS just as they can on our desktop app. There are a few exceptions, but we are working to support the same devices across both platforms.


The iPad experience is very similar to what you find on iPhone, meaning that you will have the same clean interface and easy-to-navigate menu, but at a larger size.

This larger screen size increases legibility and it also allows for a few, cool new features.

Side-by-Side Menus



iPad specific navigation makes it even easier to pair devices and find workouts.

Landscape Mode


Landscape mode will increase the legibility of the data & text on your screen and make it easier to use TrainerRoad with most stand cases.

Lap Data


Swiping left on the center of your screen allows you to see all the data from your previous interval, and swiping right will show you the running averages of same data.

The touch interface, simplicity and bigger screen size of the iPad makes using TrainerRoad even easier. We’ve been using it here at TrainerRoad HQ with our custom-made mounts, or our cases that have built-in stands, and we think the iPad is a really great way to use TrainerRoad. We hope you’ll feel the same!