Training and planning tips to reach peak fitness at your goal event, how to build your FTP and increase endurance for long efforts, techniques to manage a high training load and more in Episode 258 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast.

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Topics covered in this episode

  • How to properly setup your training plan for peak fitness at your goal event
  • The physiological differences between cycling vs running
  • Tips to get started riding and training indoors on rollers
  • How to use cycling as a replacement for swim training when pools are closed
  • Tips to find terrain for Outside Workouts when living in a city
  • How to build your FTP and increase endurance for long efforts
  • When to push through the pain and train more vs when to rest
  • How to manage your workout schedule if the training load is too high
  • Tips to position your device for good posture while riding and training indoors

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