We took your questions and suggestions to build a guide to bike racing for beginners with information and tops that can help even the most experienced of racers.

Topics covered in this episode

  • Nutrition, pacing and equipment strategies for Tahoe Trail 100
  • How to get into bike racing
  • Which type of bike racing is best for beginners?
  • How to find a group to ride with?
  • How fast should you be before signing up for a bike race?
  • Why bike skill is more important than fitness for new racers
  • How to save energy in a race
  • What category should you race?
  • Should new racers compete in Elite and Masters categories?
  • How to upgrade categories in USAC
  • Why ketosis isn’t a practical solution for cycling
  • Drills to make you a faster sprinter
  • A pre-race checklist for new racers
  • How to find a nearby bike race
  • Should new bike racers get a one-day or annual USAC license?
  • Pre-race nutrition for bike racers
  • The first thing you need to do when you arrive at a bike race
  • Should you warmup before a bike race?
  • Should you carry spares and tools during a bike race?
  • What tire pressure is best for road racing
  • Why lubing your chain before you ride is a bad idea
  • Do you need to warm up on the trainer before a race?
  • What it means to “hold your line”
  • How close do you have to ride to people in a pack?
  • How to know when you are in the draft
  • How long should you pull during a bike race?
  • Why racing in the rain isn’t that scary
  • Should you just sit in during your first bike race?
  • Why getting dropped in a bike race is not a failure
  • How to know when you should upgrade categories
  • Tips for racing in a small field
  • Which type of mountain bike race is best for beginners
  • What are the rules for passing in mountain biking?
  • What bike is best for beginner mountain bikers?
  • What category should you race when transferring disciplines?
  • Why you should never look back when you hear a crash
  • How to pin your number like a pro
  • Do heavy riders need to train differently than light riders?
  • Should beginner riders use flat pedals or clips?

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Ian Meintjes

Ian Meintjes is a pro enduro racer and the producer of the Ask a Cycling Coach podcast. Ian’s successful track record in cross-country and enduro racing, along with years of experience as a customer support agent have made him an expert on all things training and racing with power.