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How to Upload Your TrainerRoad Workouts to TrainingPeaks

Activity Sync makes it easy to upload your TrainerRoad workouts to TrainingPeaks. Activity Sync automatically uploads your TrainerRoad rides to your TrainingPeaks account. It’s super easy to use, and it helps you evaluate your performance for every TrainerRoad workout you do. Activity Sync is available for every TrainerRoad workout. So whether you’re following a workout…

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Sync Your TrainerRoad Workouts on Strava, Training Peaks and Dropbox

Automatically Sync Your TrainerRoad Workouts

Sync your TrainerRoad workouts to your favorite fitness networks with Activity Sync. Athletes have long requested a way to sync your TrainerRoad workouts with other fitness platforms like Strava and TrainingPeaks. Now, it’s finally here. With Activity Sync, TrainerRoad integrates with your year-round training data easier than ever. Keep more accurate riding profiles through Strava and…

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