Features, updates, and bug fixes – see what we’ve been working on at TrainerRoad!

Anything tagged with (Newest Release) will have been from our most recent Production Release version of the TrainerRoad App.

Have any issues with the latest releases or features? Please shoot an email to support@trainerroad.com and they’ll be happy to help.

October 2019

In this release, we fixed a problem with Ramp Tests being finicky while saving and closing the workout. We also cleaned up our Filters in the Desktop App to make sure the correct durations were showing when selected.


  • Cadence readings are now supported for the KICKR CORE and KICKR 18 over Bluetooth and ANT+
  • Added indicators for when a workout has been pushed/is ready to be pushed to Wahoo and Garmin (Desktop)
  • Added a right-click menu with additional options for calendar annotations (Desktop)
  • Double clicking the Mac title bar will now maximize the window
  • Added the ability to push outside workouts to Garmin and Wahoo in the Workouts section (Desktop)
  • Updated the duration filters in the Workouts section (Desktop)


  • (Newest Release) Fixed an issue where you were unable to save and close an FTP test before finishing
    (Newest Release) Fixed an issue where the “1:15” workout filter wasn’t displaying the appropriate workouts when selected (Desktop)
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the “Today” button when it was a Sunday took you to the incorrect week
  • Fixed an issue where an outside workout image could appear when scheduling an inside workout under certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where links opened via TrainerRoad were not bringing Microsoft Edge to the foreground
  • Fixed an issue where your position on the calendar would change after resizing the window
  • Fixed an issue where the calendar would sometimes go blank after resizing the window
  • Fixed an issue where changing a TrainerRoad workout between inside and outside was not correctly updating in the edit workout portion of the workout drawer
  • Fixed some areas that were still not being translated when language preference was set to something other than English
  • Fixed an issue where the scrollbar was missing from the Ride Details slideout for completed rides
  • Fixed an issue where toggling between Inside/Outside for workouts in the Training Plans section wasn’t working correctly
  • Fixed an issue that prevented switching trainer modes on Free Rides
  • Fixed an issue where Windows native BLE wasn’t working for some system languages

September 2019


  • Grid view is now the default layout for calendar on initial login (Desktop)
  • TrainerRoad’s language selection will now automatically be set to your system language on initial login; if your system language is not supported, TrainerRoad will default to English (Desktop)

  • (Web) Users can now have TrainerRoad workouts pulled to Wahoo head units.
  • (Web) Users can now push workouts to their head units (Garmin and Wahoo) from the workout details page.


  • Fixed an issue where left clicking to close the context menu in grid view would perform additional actions
  • Fixed an issue where activities with unrealistic dates could be added to your calendar
  • Fixed an issue where deleted custom workouts were still visible in the workouts tab
  • Fixed an issue where you would lose your progress in adding a plan to your calendar when attempting to schedule with an error present
  • Fixed an issue with the error indicator when scheduling a training plan
  • Fixed an issue where the login page was appearing in English instead of the most recent language selection
    Fixed an issue where you would be defaulted to calendar list view even after selecting grid view
  • Fixed an issue with grid view where larger TSS values could extend beyond the borders of the activity card
  • Fixed an issue with onboarding where selecting a language other than English would cause formatting problems

  • (Web) Fixed issue where PR trophies would appear on first ride of season.
  • (Web) Fixed issue where tooltip copy wouldn’t update when it should.

August 2019


  • Added the ability to disable Bluetooth in TrainerRoad via a toggle in the Settings menu. (Desktop)
  • Added support for native Bluetooth on Windows 10 – a Bluegiga dongle is no longer necessary if you are running Windows 10 and have a built-in Bluetooth antenna
  • Calibration offset values are no longer displayed for 4iiii and Pioneer power meters – they were previously returning erroneous offset values on successful calibration.


  • Fixed an issue where you could not switch back to list view after enabling grid view on the calendar
  • Fixed an issue in grid view where some fields were displaying “0” or “0:00” when they should have displayed “-“
  • Fixed an issue in grid view where some activity types were displaying actual TSS when they should have displayed planned TSS
  • Fixed an issue in account settings where the “Refund Payment” option was unable to be selected
  • Grid view is now available for your calendar in our desktop applications! The option can be toggled at the top of the calendar page.
  • Additional work to address some users’ rides not syncing immediately upon completion
  • Updated the design for the language change confirmation dialogue
  • Fixed a visual issue with a hover state in Specialty Training Plans
  • Fixed an issue where success indicators were not displaying correctly on workout deletion.
  • Made adjustments to syncing to address an issue where some users’ workouts were not uploading until closing and re-opening the application.
  • Changed the messaging on a successful trainer spindown calibration to prevent confusion.
  • Fixed an issue where Wahoo KICKRs could experience clench/power spikes when in resistance mode.
  • Fixed an issue where device help/best practices were not loading when pairing to a device.
  • Fixed an issue where the outside workout option was appearing in some instances that it shouldn’t be.
  • Fixed an issue where you were not able to replace some scheduled workouts with a workout variant.
  • Fixed an issue where your weight could not be adjusted when TrainerRoad was in a language other than English.
  • Fixed an issue with when an error banner was appearing while updating your password.
  • Various styling and design improvements.
  • Fixed an issue where some completed workouts were uploading with incomplete data
  • Fixed an issue where multiple instances of the Windows application could be opened at once
  • Fixed an issue where some recurring scheduled activities could not be associated with completed workouts
  • Fixed an issue where calendar dates were not always translating correctly

  • (Web) Fixed issue where estimating TSS on the past rides page would lead to incorrect ride feed calculations
  • (Web) Fixed issue where run or swim workouts could be replaced by Ramp Test when applying a plan.
  • (Web) Fixed issue where custom power zones weren’t being saved
  • (Web) Fixed issue on calendar where you could schedule planned activities on invalid dates
  • (Web) Fixed issue where you could delete completed activities when clearing a plan

July 2019


  • Made improvements to trainer calibration detection; the “calibrate” option should no longer appear for trainers that are unable to be calibrated.
  • Improved performance when scrubbing through the workout player.
  • Language options now display in the respective language and in English (Desktop)


  • Reduced the minimum window size to 960×640 to improve experience on smaller displays.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a matched ride would only disassociate the ride from the planned activity instead of delete it.
  • Fixed an issue where recurring activities were not being correctly scheduled on the current day.
  • Fixed an issue where planned activities were not estimating TSS correctly in some circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where a horizontal scrollbar was appearing in some areas that it should not.
  • Fixed an issue where tooltips could extend past the edge of the window, causing some text to be unreadable.
  • Added language support for Traditional Chinese.
  • Removed calibration screen from Onboarding and changed the parameters for when a user sees Onboarding
  • Fixed an issue where hitting the Enter key when submitting a value would cause the app to reload
  • Fixed an issue where some users would have a black screen when loading the app
  • Fixed an issue where selecting the Edit button on a completed recurring activity would close the side panel
  • Fixed an issue where values for a Training Plan were incorrect upon loading the app for the first time
  • Fixed an issue where special characters in custom workout names were throwing an error when attempting to load the workout
  • Fixed an issue where PowerMatch was not functioning correctly when swapping between Erg and resistance mode
  • Fixed an issue where workout text was not displaying in minimal mode for some Windows users
  • Fixed an issue where ANT+ devices were not reconnecting after unplugging and reconnecting an ANT+ USB stick
  • Fixed an issue where activities were not always being properly added to and deleted from the calendar
  • Fixed an issue where data was not displaying correctly for rides with an elevation of zero