Giant Factory Racing’s Eliot Jackson joins us to break down what makes pro Downhill racers unique and how average cyclists can learn from them, as well as a discussion on his Grow Cycling Foundation and how we can support them to make cycling more inclusive.

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Topics covered in this episode

  • Eliot Jackson’s background in motocross
  • How Eliot made such a quick progression in mountain biking
  • Bike setup tips from Eliot Jackson
  • Beginner mistakes from a pro DH racer
  • Why bike / body separation is so important
  • How to turn a mountain bike
  • What mountain bike and road bike handling have in common
  • What sets apart the best mountain bikers in the world
  • Manage risk on the bike
  • How to build confidence in your bike handling
  • Why pro riders can process everything at such high speed
  • How to train for downhill mtb racing
  • How to memorize a course
  • How to race if you are having to ride a course blind
  • How to mentally recover from a mid-race mistake
  • What is Grow Cycling Foundation?
  • What motivated Eliot Jackson to found Grow
  • Grow Cycling Foundation’s fundraiser for the VeloSolutions pump track in Los Angeles, CA
  • How can you make cycling more inclusive?

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