Pro Downhill Racing and Grow Cycling Foundation with Eliot Jackson – Ask a Cycling Coach Episode 279

Giant Factory Racing’s Eliot Jackson joins us to break down what makes pro Downhill racers unique and how average cyclists can learn from them, as well as a discussion on his Grow Cycling Foundation and how we can support them to make cycling more inclusive.

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Topics Covered in This Episode:

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Eliot Jackson!!!

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Thanks for the gravity oriented content! Would love to see an episode focussed on enduro!


Me too but based on the MTB related content in the forum there don’t seem to be too many folks interested in it. I would love to hear more though too.

It’s true that the number of athletes interested in gravity-oriented content is less, but I think all of us can learn a lot from the high level of expertise. We’ll keep casting a wide net in terms of who we have on the podcast, and I personally hope we have more DH and Enduro riders on!


“Dirt don’t hurt, but asphalt’s a different story.”
BEST. QUOTE. EVER! I want that on a T-shirt!


Best podcast in a very long time :+1:
Loved the interplay between Eliot and Amber on MTB vs Road skills.


Same and Jonathan’s matrix references…


:grinning: yeah, I was listening at the gym and had to laugh out loud at the Matrix reference, and the dual-core processor vs super-computer analogy…


What I liked most was the discussion about processing speeds as you go downhill. I thought that what Eliot said (that real pros have less to process) was very smart, and I was thinking that it is just like learning to read, namely that as you become more proficient you process bigger chunks at a time and put less strain on your CPU, and thus I was really glad when Amber made this very same analogy. I read her mind… It’s always a pleasure to listen to these guys