The psychological and physical benefits of openers, what role pain tolerance plays in performance, how to increase confidence and speed in descents, plus your live questions will all be covered in Episode 211 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast.

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Topics covered in this episode

  • How Nate is becoming a fast descender!
  • What is the best mountain bike for a beginner?
  • Tips to increase confidence with mountain biking
  • Jonathan’s bike setup for Leadville
  • Tahoe Trail 100 course preview
  • Should you avoid events longer than your goal race?
  • How to recover from a big race
  • How the Leadville corral system works
  • How cortisol affects your training
  • A deep dive into how your body uses fat
  • How to find your w/kg limit
  • How to taper for intense events
  • How to balance climbing and descending training
  • What is Variability Index and how to use it
  • What role does pain tolerance play in performance?

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