Never miss a workout instruction from Coach Chad again. New Instructional Text Sounds will notify you when workout text appears on your screen.

How to Turn Instructional Text Sounds Off/On

Instructional Text Sounds is on by default. If you want to turn sounds off and on, simply go to your Settings within the TrainerRoad app to edit the option.

Find Workouts with Instructional Text

While the majority of TrainerRoad workouts include instructions from Coach Chad, not all of them do. In the TrainerRoad app and online, you can filter workouts to view only those with workout text.

In the app, select the”Training” tab from your navigation menu and select the filter icon from the upper right-hand corner of the “Workouts” view. Toggle the “Instructions Only” option on and select “Apply” to view workouts only with workout text.

From the website, go to the Workouts library and in the filters column select “Yes” under the “Instructions” option to browse workouts only with workout text.

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