What to do when you miss a workout, Garmin data fields you need for racing, and when should you have a recovery drink & more. All of this and more in Episode 133 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast!

Topics covered in this episode

  • TrainerRoad CX Nationals Athlete Panel Event
  • We’re hiring three software engineers! (Apply here)
  • Why you should sync Strava and Garmin Connect to TrainerRoad
  • Why your body build is not an excuse
  • How to be a good racer when the odds are against you
  • How triathletes can use road racing for training
  • Does your trainer have too much resistance?
  • What data fields you need to have on your Garmin
  • How to adjust your training for missing a workout
  • What to keep in mind when training twice per day
  • How to properly calibrate a power meter
  • How soon after a workout should you have a recovery drink?

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