Join us at 8:00am PDT Thursday, March 29 for another special episode of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast – a live Q&A on stage racing and road race tactics with Marc Pro Cycling’s Dave Christenson.

Topics covered in this episode

  • How to recover between stages in the same day
  • What type of fitness is needed to race in UCI races
  • Can steady state riders do well in criteriums?
  • Stretches and recovery methods for stage races
  • How much time should road racers spend on the trainer
  • How to communicate as a team in a road race
  • How to conserve energy in a road race
  • How to win a race from a breakaway
  • How climbing road race strategy varies from flat road race strategy
  • Is it normal to be sluggish after a stage race?
  • What you need to know before entering a road race
  • How much time should a road racing team spend together
  • What American cycling needs to become more competitive

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