Pro MTB racer Alex Grant joined us live from Leadville, CO for a deep dive on all things Leadville and endurance racing. Alex has placed 3rd place overall at Leadville, and 3rd place at Elite National Championships, all the while being a husband and father to two kids and managing his own business. We sat down with Alex to go over his and Nate’s Leadville prep and race strategies, and covered plenty of details on all things endurance racing. Tune in and enjoy!.

Topics covered in this episode

  • Leadville course preview
  • How your body responds to high elevation
  • Why anaerobic efforts are easy at high elevation
  • How the pros carb load
  • Should you avoid solid foods during a race?
  • How to pace Leadville like a pro
  • The best cold weather gear for racing
  • Hardtail vs. full suspension: What is best for Leadville?
  • Why light tires might not be a good idea for Leadville
  • Leadville tire choice
  • Why your gearing is probably too high for Leadville
  • Should you change helmets in an aid station?
  • How the pros carry spares
  • How much you should eat each hour during Leadville
  • Aid station and crew strategy for Leadville
  • How much time will 1 watt save at Leadville?

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Ian Meintjes

Ian Meintjes is a pro enduro racer and the producer of the Ask a Cycling Coach podcast. Ian’s successful track record in cross-country and enduro racing, along with years of experience as a customer support agent have made him an expert on all things training and racing with power.