Pro Cyclocross racers Cody Kaiser and Courtenay McFadden stopped by TrainerRoad HQ for a deep dive on cyclocross training and racing in front of an in-studio audience during Cyclocross National Championships in Reno, NV.

Topics covered in this episode

  • Dismounting tips from the pros
  • Should you do a step-through or not?
  • How often should you practice dismounting and remounting?
  • How to maintain momentum in the sand
  • How to ride an off-camber section
  • How to decide if you should ride an obstacle or run it
  • Tips for learning to bunnyhop barriers
  • How to pre-ride a course properly
  • How to ride Belgian Steps
  • Should you wear a GPS watch or use a head unit?
  • How do pro cyclocross racers eat?
  • Taper strategies before a big cyclocross race
  • Pre-race meals for cyclocross racers

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Jonathan Lee

Jonathan Lee is a Level II USA certified cycling coach and the host of the Ask a Cycling Coach podcast. His background in the sport of motocross has translated into a passion for cycling, mountain biking and all things training. If you have a training question, submit your question for Jonathan to answer on the next episode of TrainerRoad’s podcast.