From DC Rainmaker to Scott Tietzel of Cuore Cycling Apparel, here are six interviews featuring some of cycling’s brightest minds you won’t hear anywhere else.

In the last month, the guys of the Ask a Cycling Coach podcast — Coach Chad, Coach Jonathan and CEO Nate Pearson — attended Interbike 2016 and the IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. At each event they sat down with some of cycling’s most reputable thought leaders and industry pros to pick their brains on our favorite topic: how to get faster. Listen to their recorded discussions below.

Special Interview with the FLO Cycling Team (Ep. 63)

This episode discusses:

• The aerodynamic research and testing process explained
• What depth wheels should you use?
• How to know what tire width to use
• Does tire width vary from rider to rider and bike to bike?
• What tire pressure is best?
• Which tire is the most aerodynamically efficient?
• Which tire has the least amount of rolling resistance?
• How does a cross wind effect a bike?
• How to set up your bike for cross winds?
• What to look for in a set of wheels
• What to look for in an aero bike

Special Interview with Professional Triathlete and IRONMAN commentator Matt Lieto (Ep. 61)

This episode discusses:

• How to go from average joe to pro triathlete
• What type of power it takes to win an IRONMAN
• How to pace a triathlon
• Do triathletes use elevation training?
• How to train for hot weather
• How to acclimatize yourself to Kona
• How to control your appetite
• How to lose weight quickly
• How to keep weight off
• Tips to overcome food temptations
• How to know if you’ve tapered correctly
• What the pros do to taper
• High intensity training for ultra-endurance athletes
• + More

Special Interview with Scott Tietzel from Cuore Cycling Apparel (Ep. 60)

This episode discusses:

• What makes a jersey aerodynamic?
• How to tell high quality kit from low quality kit
• Why do companies use different fabrics?
• What type of kit to use for different weather
• How to wear your kit like a pro
• Small things you can do to make your kit more aero

Special Interview with Professional Trials Rider and Renown Coach Ryan Leech (Ep. 59)

This episode discusses:

• Bike handling tips for new riders
• How to bounce back after a crash
• How to build skills effectively
• How to bunny hop
• How to wheelie
• How to manual
• How to take switchbacks
• Which mountain bike should you get
• Should you train on your mountain bike or your road bike?
• What accessories make you a better rider

Special Interview with MTB Legend Geoff Kabush (Ep. 57)

This episode discusses:

• How to race at a high level for a long time
• How to adapt to different race formats
• How pros approach base training
• How to train for endurance mountain bike racing
• How to prepare for an Epic Rides race
• Bike setup and training for mountain bike criteriums
• How much power it takes to win a pro mountain bike race
• What type of fitness do you need for mountain biking?
• Are power meters useful for mountain biking?
• How to use a power meter for mountain biking
• Should you pace yourself in a mountain bike race?
• How to set up your bike for mountain biking
• Are wider bars better?
• Which is faster: hard tails or full suspension?
• + more

Special Interview with DC Rainmaker (Ep. 56)

This episode discusses:

• How to train for triathlon while traveling
• How to travel with your bike
• Running power meters
• How to measure the difference between two power meters
• DC Rainmaker’s indoor training tips

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