Quickly choose workouts on mobile by scrubbing along the graph of any ride to reveal details.

Browse Workouts Faster

For a quick understanding of the type of work a specific workout entails, riders can now scrub along the graph of any ride to reveal details such as time, target FTP %, target power, and interval duration. Workout details are shown in a tooltip that appears while hovering over the graph.

Where to Access the New Feature

From the TrainerRoad mobile app, select any workout from the Workouts tab or a training plan to find the ‘Workout Details’ page for that ride.

Note: The same functionality for drilling into the details of workouts is available from the ‘Workouts’ page on the TrainerRoad website.

More Details to Choose Your Workouts

From the Workout Details page within the mobile app, riders also find the following:

  • Workout duration
  • Prescribed Training Stress
  • Prescribed Intensity Factor™
  • Prescribed kilojoule expenditure/Calorie burn
  • Targeted power zones
  • Workout description and goals

Additionally, any workout can be ‘Starred’ from the ‘Workout Details’ page to have that workout organized in a ‘Favorites’ section for quick and easy access.

Download the TrainerRoad iOS or Android app to start browsing workouts using the new workout details feature.

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