Amber Pierce, Hannah Finchamp, and Nate Pearson join us for an in-depth guide on goal setting and achieving, as well as a discussion on Hannah’s plans at Unbound Gravel, injury prevention and much more. Join us for Episode 346 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast!

More show notes and discussion in the TrainerRoad Forum.

Topics covered in this episode

  • Hannah’s new team!

  • Amber’s guide to goal setting and achieving

  • Injury prevention and a discussion on concussions

  • Rapid Fire Questions

  • Women’s saddle suggestions

  • Should natural sprinter base train differently?

  • Long ride nutrition strategy tips

  • Hannah’s strategy for Unbound Gravel and gravel tips from the hosts

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Maxine Philavong is the podcast producer for the Ask a Cycling Coach podcast. When she isn't producing, she's an avid concert-goer, self-proclaimed coffee aficionado and Phoebe Bridgers' #1 fan.