Chloe Woodruff is an Olympian, multi-time National Champion and bonafide legend in the cross-country mountain biking space. As the owner and manager of the Stans-Pivot Pro Team, she has a unique perspective and set of responsibilities that provide a ton of learning opportunities for us.

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Topics covered in this episode

  • Chloe’s pre-race dinner of choice
  • How to get better sleep the night before a race
  • Chloe’s morning routine
  • Best pre-race breakfast
  • Pre-Race warmup routines
  • Pre-riding tips
  • Why you should practice your starts
  • Mental tips to “get in the zone”
  • How Chloe balanced training and studying at university
  • Chloe’s favorite places to ride
  • Chloe’s favorite post-win indulgence
  • The one thing Chloe wishes she did more of in her early years as a pro

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