How do artificial sweeteners fuel training, and are they good for athletes, tips for DIY races and match racing strategy, a deep dive on nutrient timing and how it affects training and much more in Episode 294 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast!

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Topics covered in this episode

  • DIY Race Tips
  • Tactics for Match Races and small breakaways
  • Equipment choices that make you faster
  • How to give and receive criticism as an athlete
  • How to breathe more effectively
  • Does burping lower your heart rate?
  • Is it better to train on climbs or flats?
  • How to train if you have no races on your calendar
  • Ramp tests without a smart trainer
  • The hosts favorite workouts and strength training exercises
  • Training while pregnant
  • Should athletes use artificial sweeteners?
  • Nutrient timing for athletes

Resources and Studies Mentioned in This Episode

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