Zwift racing and adaptive training?

Does the adaptive training calculate Zwift racing into the planned workouts? When I compare my planned training to my Xert account training there is a change when I’ve raced a Zwift event! I don’t see any changes in my TR plan post event? Seems like any Zwift events listed in my activities are not evaluated nor adjusted for any workouts? I thought AI or adaptive was fluid? If TR isn’t able to change on the “fly” then what is the benefit of “adaptive” training for the cost? New TR user that is not finding any benefits of TR version of adaptive and wondering if it’s worth it! Clarification would be greatly appreciated.

No, not until they release Workout Levels Version 2.

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No, it doesn’t. As you mentioned, Xert and Join do this. It seems that TR is struggling to implement this. And yes, I agree with you. No point in calling it adaptive training if it doesn’t “know” how to read a unestructure ride.

BTW, it looks like you’re new here, take a look at the term “unstructured rides” and you’ll see endless discussions. It might clarify a bit.

Not 100% sure of what AT is doing, but when I do schedule a Zwift racing event, and these I schedule as C races, along with estimating TSS by using Best Bike Split and implementing my parameters, the program will ask me to adapt the plan. This is where I see that the TR training workouts will change for those that are scheduled out over the following two weeks.

Not sure if this is a good approach or not, but I was under the impression this is a function of the AT in the program. Maybe I’m wrong?