AI Training Plan Logic Flaw?

I ran the AI FTP feature last week and got an updated FTP that feels just right. And set up a new 16-week plan. Monday, yesterday morning, I did a 60 min moderate Sweet Spot workout in the morning and tagged it EASY (not sure those tags inform the AI engine). I saved the workout and no adaptations were triggered.

Before dinner last night I decided to hop onto Zwift for a chill fat-burning ride. But a group ride was starting, a “D” ride. Perfect. But I stuck with the breakaway and rode at 90% of FTP for an hour. Dumb. Since I have a DIFFICULT workout today in my TR plan.

So today I fired up TR and it applied 9 adaptations, making many of my future workouts harder! WHAT!?

I figured if anything, it would see my hard Zwift ride and know that my fatigue level will be significantly higher than TR planned, given the extracurricular Zone 3/4 effort the night before. And possibly adapt today to an easier ride.

But apparently, instead, it figured that if I had the energy to do an extra ride at a hard effort, I must be sandbagging and I need to pay for that with harder workouts!? LOL

I just finished today’s workout and it was fine. So I guess… don’t question the man behind the curtain. :slight_smile:

Your adaptations were as a result of your easy rating of the SS workout, just slightly delayed. I suspect all the adapted rides were SS workouts, right?

TR doesn’t look at your Zwift rides for Adaptive Training, although it does consider them when calculating AI FTP. :+1:

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AFAIK, the unstructured rides are not factored into your PL levels yet, unless you associate them with a similar TR workout, but they do get factored into AI FTP.

that said, i suspect for any plan or system to work, you need to operate the plan, without throwing in random hard workouts. it (AI) has no idea whether you found the zwift ride a challenge or not, but it knows you said a recent TR workout was easy. i believe PL V2 will take all rides into account for PLs.

  • 100%, that is absolutely an element considered in AT and may relate to future workout adaptations.
  1. Unless you actually have a connection between that Z ride and an associated workout in TR, there is NO connection to AT at this time. That is true even if you apply an effort rating to that imported workout.

  2. However, if you have established an ‘association’ between that ride and a TR workout AND applied an effort rating, it can impact your PL’s and AT considerations.

So, much depends on whether you are in option 1 or 2 above.

  • If 1: As of now, TR is NOT considering any “unstructured” rides in AT.
  • That will change once WLV2 is release.

Ah thanks! My IRL and Zwift rides show up in my TR calendar… but no I didn’t apply it to a TR workout. So it sounds like TR didn’t consider my 2nd workout at all yesterday… and triggered adaptations based on my EASY tag on the first one. Makes sense. Thanks!