Zwift introduces training plan for pregnant cyclists

Zwift’s opening salvo to lure the TR userbase? Quick!, coach chad, get us a specialty pregnancy plan!

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How strange!

This must be great for pregnant ladies but that must be such a tiny portion of their market, especially because they dont STAY pregnant.

Wouldn’t they be better off (or maybe they already do, I’m not a Zwift user) just doing plans specifically to women or specifically to masters etc

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I knew my current program was missing something :rofl:

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Does seem like a good idea but also a bit random given how patchy and lightweight their workouts are at present.

Maybe they are cooking up a full-on set of training programs and this release went ahead precisely because it is so niche and has no downside.

Question though. If Zwift really did get one of their friendly pro-team coach buddies to come up with a really comprehensive training program… how would TR compete against what would be a Swiss Army knife for training, indoor racing & indoor social rides?

For instance, I am holding onto an account with legacy pricing but would be off like a shot if I could have a no brainer season of workouts on Zwift. Interesting times.

Mods, please delete this if it has be hashed out elsewhere. Just occurs to me regularly!

I would think this is actually high risk for v little benefit. Imagine if a pregnant lady follows the plan, then has complications or worse with the baby…and blames zwift for too much effort or whatever (rightly or wrongly).



Even my other half, an occasional cyclist at best, has expressed interest in Zwift. If I could bring my training on to it, then we’d both be on it, I suspect. At the moment, I/we can’t justify a smart trainer (I just use a dumb trainer and Faveros for TR), but when finances allow, if they had decent training programs, well…

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Their build me up program was designed by an outside coach and they have a former pro triathlete on staff (who I believe in addition to game design was supposed to help bolster training stuff). Zwift has the resources to do it, the fact that they haven’t done it probably says a lot about their focus.


I know this must have been in the works for a while (Dani Rowe just gave birth to her little one during the Tour) but I do wonder if Robin Arzon (of Peloton fame) and her recent pregnancy announcement during a live bike ride is part of the push to get it out (no pun intended).

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I do not believe you :rofl:


The niche is actually bigger than you may think; as I am still part of a group of women who are pregnant or had babies recently, and the group is much larger than I would have thought. Kristen Armstrong’s workouts are testament to that as well, with 20-40 cyclists per workout which were framed around pregnant, postpartum, or women just not looking for something too intense.

Also, I have no science to back this up :laughing: but I do believe Zwift has a much higher female to male ratio compared to TR; and although pregnancy and postpartum don’t last forever, it does happen frequently.

When pregnant, I just rode up the Alpe at 60-70% FTP most days. Structured workouts stressed me out so much; as I’m too type A to miss an interval…Postpartum my endurance was incredible! The instantaneous doubling of lung capacity, huge blood volume, and not being kicked in the ribs constantly also helped immensely! Baby doping is REAL! (minus all the time, effort, love, sleeplessness, and mental capacity you put toward keeping something so beautiful alive…)


That is super impressive, I wouldn’t ride up the Alpe that often and I’m a bloke.
My wife wanted to cycle while pregnant, but because of ligament stretching found it really uncomfortable to cycle on the road or the turbo.

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Does this also work for guys with a beer belly


MAMwaBB just lacks a certain panache. :wink:
(Middle Aged Man with a Beer Belly)

DBTP (dad bod training plan) sounds more catchy


A training program for those who just look pregnant?



Well played, sirs… well played.

Agree with everything you say. However, Zwift’s training plans are really badly administered . Amazing really as there are such a large proportion of their users doing workouts. Have no idea why they haven’t really developed this side. If they had well structured, decently administered plans with good analytics they’d blow the competition out of the water.


This. Channeling the TR podcast, “We aren’t doctors. We can’t give medical advice. Talk to your doctor.”

There was rumor about this when he first started, but Jordan Rapp has been working there for 3+ years and they have not yet utilized him in their building of better training plans.