Making the switch

Hi everyone

I’ve just joined the forum and thought it would be cool to quickly introduce myself.

I’ve been training using zwift for the last 11 weeks and following the ftp test at the end of week 12 next week I’m excited to be moving over to trainer road to hopefully push my cycling fitness to the next level.

I’m probably going to log my progress with the program over the winter. As I’m fairly new to cycling I might have a few questions along the way which I hope people won’t mind helping me with.

As much as I’ve been loving zwift I think trainer road will probably suit my needs better. Don’t get me wrong zwift is fun but I’m not training to play a game and unlock new socks, I’m training to improve my power on the bike which will in turn make me perform better at my first ironman and triathlon next year.

I don’t know if its a done thing on this forum but I’d defiantly like to start a topic that blogs my progress along the way training for triathlon coming from a running background.

Can’t wait to get started with a new plan but must finish the zwift one first…


Welcome mate!

TrainerRoad is a fantastic resource im sure you’ll enjoy it.

Have a listen to the Podcasts if you haven’t already as they provide a lot of answers to the most common questions. The forum is great if you need additional help as well.

If you want to use this to blog your progress towards the Ironman then join the The Ironman Training 2020 Thread - #21 by Atmorgan

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Hi mitch

It was actually the YouTube podcasts and podcasts on Spotify that made me take a look into trainer road. Now after doing a bit more research im convinced that it will suit my needs. I’m super excited about joining and cannot wait to start a new program.

I’ll take a look the ironman thread as a way to blog about my journey to ironman.

Thanks for your reply

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Welcome and good luck with training.

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I made a lot of progress using Zwift for a year…but TR for the last 6 months has been outstanding. Stay consistent and you will see great results.

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I did a little of the opposite. I’ve been on TrainerRoad for a couple years now, and then also signed up for Zwift at the beginning of the pandemic. Admittedly, I kept my trainnerroad plans and used that to control the trainer while free-riding through zwift. I will say the feeling of actually going somewhere has done quite a bit for my RPE. I just recently tried a couple of Zwift workouts and there is almost no comparison with the sophistication and thoughtfulness of TR workouts. I think you’ll definitely find that TR is going to make you faster.


I found the biggest difference between Zwift and TR workouts is that the Zwift recovery intervals are not nearly as easy…which resulted in me not being able to finish probably 1/3rd of them…whereas I have finished every TR workout except one when I had a cold.

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That’s interesting, i had a different experience, but maybe it’s because I was doing the zwift academy workouts that are almost more like assessments of your power output.

I found they felt weak and thrown together. And did weird things like drop you into a “medium” recovery, and into a stupid low recovery and then back to high intensity intervals, but too few of them to really tax your system, and I ended most of them feeling like i still had plenty in the tank. TR seems to hit that magic point where I almost always question if I can finish the workout, but somehow am able to power just barely through.


Maybe you’re right and TR has just made me stronger! :slight_smile:

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I’ve been doing both TR and Zwift since 2015 and like them both although they are very different. From a pure training standpoint you will see nothing but gains from TR.

I almost always follow my TR plan and just use Zwift as something to look at while executing my workout. However on occasion I jump into some of the Zwift workouts (like the Academy) just to mix it up a bit. To me Zwift workout mode is pretty much a joke compared to TR. The Academy workouts are OK, more of an assessment then an actual workout, but they are good enough. The real “fail” on Zwift’s part is the workout mode software. TR is far superior and far more professional. I’m 4 workouts into the Academy and the software is so clunky compared to TR. The workout text doesn’t sync up to the intervals you’re in. The whole “star” concept is hilarious as I can never get one during a short recovery interval as my Kickr is still adjusting to lower workload by the time it dings me for not doing the interval “correctly”. Today I was doing a 495w 45 second interval and the next interval was 85w for 30 seconds. A legit training app (like TR) would make that transition super smooth. Not Zwift, I went from 495w to 85w in a millisecond and nearly fell of my bike when the resistance dropped.

Basically Zwift workout mode is totally amateur hour compared to TR and you’ll do nothing but improve once you really commit to the plans in TR.

Don’t get me wrong, Zwift still has it’s place. I’m doing a meetup with some old training partners this weekend and it’s the perfect tool for that kind of ride. Just couldn’t imagine depending on it for actual training.


I am using Zwift AND TR. Both different platforms, they can make you going fast if you keeping do it. But Zwift looking like Training for racing inside Zwift worlds? So i see a lot training event ( live coaching or group training ride ) running by different riders.
TR more like personal training coach things, 1 to 1 . I knew it is boring sometime when you constant ride on turbo over hour workouts. But I found more understanding my body limit and when i need to recovery and technique…etc!
So i think both good platforms, i am using zwift for indoor social ride and racing sometime if i can not ride outoor or just limit times . But i am using TR for my main training structure.


Thanks for all the replies so far.

Seems to be a recurring theme that each platform has its pros and cons.
I’m really driven by increasing performance and analysing the data. The monotony of indoor training really doesn’t bother me so much and I really don’t feel I need a virtual world to ocupie my mind during workouts. The social aspect of zwift is also a bit lost on me because I’m not a very social person in general. I think I’ll miss the opportunity to race though.
Trainer road workout builder really appeals to me. I think it will take the mental stress of trying to plan week to week workouts away and allow me to ficus on putting the work in and getting stronger. It seemd like the system is pretty close to having a coach which again appeals to me. I also like the calander options and tss which I think l think will eliminate the requirement for training peaks which I was considering getting but probably won’t now.
Training peaks seems to tick more boxes for me and I think it will suit my training needs better than zwift at this time. I can’t help but wonder why more people seem to use zwift though? Or could it be that trainer road users do so quietly and let the performance on the bike do the talking?

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That should be on a t shirt👍


That’s pretty much my plan as well. Just did my first Zwift race and was honestly surprised at how well I did (7th out of 90 riders). I think I have TR to thank :).

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I used TR when i started, i enjoyed it at start, used it all winter. But i found plans very demanding, i was on 3.5 hrs a week, if your trying to fit other training around it its alot.
I started into zwift in February, hugely impressed. Its so similar to group rides outside, as in when you get dropped your f**ked, so as i result i pushed watts i didnt think i could just to hang onto a group. But there are arguments for and against, but i found zwift much for engaging. I was on TR because i didn’t have wifi in my garage, i used it all from my phone. It was so handy and i did get results but i just wasn’t excited about going out to do the rides anymore.


Ha! While workout mode in Zwift is pretty weak they have definitely got the getting dropped part right. It’s just as painful and soul crushing as in real life.


This forum is great. Almost everyone is respectful of others progress.

ZWIFT can be fun, like an indoor meetup. Racing was not a great experience. I got relegated like Alaphilipe for racing in the wrong power category. Hahaha. Plus really didn’t need a Tron Bike. But for gamers it is fun. Never really liked seeing how many failed workouts I had. Destroyed my motivation.

TrainerRoad is my idea of fun. If you continue to use the podcasts and pay close attention to nutrition this is a fantastic tool.

I am 50. My FTP went from 154 to 272 in 8 months.5’ 11” and currently 200lbs I also use outside workouts. I am in the second round and in specialty phase for gran fondo and feel a new bump coming next week. I’ll get my 3w/kg. Then searching for 4w/kg by May 2021. Or at least close.

Be consistent. Make sure you choose the right volume. I used mid all winter and then low with many butter burners with my wife on non training days. In November I return to mid volume century since I am training for the 186 mile Milano San Remo ride in June 2021 if we can get back to Italy.

I wish you the best in your training. Trainer Road has changed not just my cycling but my lifestyle.