Zwift 2024 Updates….post ‘em here!

Probably with outdoor workouts thinking about it, as they’d have to be pushed to Garmin/ Wahoo

I own more Garmin products (I run, cycle …) and I’m captured in their ecosystem, except the trainer (I use Elite). In this case, I really feel taken advantage of with the comment that I need to buy “just one more thing” to make the ecosystem working?

I agree I might have exaggerated with the “being d*** about it” sentence (my wording, not from support), but to put it mildly, I don’t find it an easy to swallow argument as being a loyal customer.

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Lack of users and the funding behind it. Pretty simple, really.


Yup, critical mass of others on the game.

It also works with just about every device type under the sun as another selling point. Some other apps have a more limited option set and/or higher equipment demands that may not be in hand for many people.

  • Admittedly guessing here, but I believe the TR workout performed in Zwift will essentially be identical to doing an “outside workout”.

  • It will need to be exported from Zwift through Strava (or similar) and then imported to TR in the same method as any outside workout. As such, the connection between that imported workout and the assigned TR workout on the calendar will have a looser connection than one done via the TR app.

  • That means over/under done portions and such are partly ignored by the app at present. I see the same pro’s/con’s as already known there with respect to actual work done, Progression Levels, ride duration and other values. This will likely change / improve once we get Workout levels 2.# (or whatever rev they are on now), but the current state is not what I see as ideal in some ways.

  • Depending on a person’s setup and priorities, I can see people sticking with the dual app use for some cases while others may take advantage of the pending integration.


Not sure if it is really connected to outside workouts, but I found the post I referenced above to review:


This is obviously such a huge challenge for other platforms to overcome. There are so many riders and so many organized events (races, group rides/races, pacer bots, etc) that you can jump on at any point and find something


I’ve mentioned before that when your competitive advantage is not proprietary, it leaves you vulnerable to the competition.

However, in this case, trying to match Zwift’s competitive advantage, even though it is not proprietary, is extremely difficult. When most people are looking for engagement, how do you incentivize users to switch platforms, since the early adopters will be missing out on the actual engagement?

Social media platforms are finding the same thing when it comes to Twitter…users loathe the platform now, but stay with it because that is where the engagement lives.


I’m going to at least check out Rouvy again. I know lots of people like it. I browsed and see they have more stuff than the last time I looked. More events as well as workout plans.

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To whom it may concern

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So you think this mean TR kit in Zwift too?

Maybe, but not something I’d count on.