Gravat 2 ERG issues


I live in China, so bought a Gravat 2 smart trainer from Magene, and their Ridge power meter, both of which I use with TR. I’ve heard of other people here having similar issues with the Gravat 2 and TR. They prompted me to make this post.

When using ERG with TR it tends to overcompensate or something and I end up having to yo-yo up and down. I’ve been trying my hardest to ignore my power and keep a steady cadence, but it just doesn’t seem to work well.

I don’t have the same issue with Zwift, so I assume it’s TR and this trainer that don’t work well together. Zwift seems to have more smoothing than TR, so maybe the trainer itself has a lot of delay and the reduced smoothing on TR makes it more noticeable.

Is there anything I can try to mitigate this?

Here is a workout I did with this trainer.

Here are a couple I found posted on the forum from other users. It’s possible they weren’t using ERG mode, but one said they were using a Hammer, so I assume at least one was.

yeah… im using gravat 2 too, i just dont use bluetooth connection and use ant+ connection for all the device.
it works, erg working smootly.

the only down side apple device doesnt support ant+ connection ( i usually use my ipad for tr)
had to use ant doggle and cable and connect to my window laptop.

hope this works. for you

on its sites it say FTMS but TR said they dont support FTMS

zwift works perfectly on the gravat2 on BLE