TrainerRoad not controlling Saris M2

I’m new to TR and still trialing it…that said my eval is not going that well. Oddly TR from my Mac or my iPhone (13) doesn’t adjust the Trainer. I’ve confirmed that TR is connected to it, it’s in ERG mode, it shows controllable, it performed a calibration without issue. But when I start my workout it never adjusts the resistance. Any other app that I’ve tried has no issues controlling it.

When searching the interwebs I only see very old threads on it from 2018 etc. Any ideas to help me troubleshoot?

Start with an email to for official support.

Sounds like you have most stuff covered, but a couple of thoughts:

  1. Are you certain the trainer is in ERG mode? You can check in the Devices page and on the actual workout page too. A couple of screen shots of those pages may be useful for us to see.

  2. Are you certain that you don’t have the trainer connected to any other apps or controlling devices while using TR? It is not good to have it referenced by any other apps at the same time.

Email sent!
Yep nothing else connected unless it connects to apps and devices that aren’t on :slight_smile:

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Yup, looks good from here. Hopefully TR support can find something hidden.

I have the same issue, but on another trainer.
I found a workaround by chance. I’m starting zwift in workout/erg mode, then close it and start trainer road.

Are you doing this on an iPhone, appleTV etc? I’ll try it tomorrow. How are you closing zwift…just going to the Home Screen of the device or killing the app by swiping up (on iOS)?

Iphone. I swipe up.

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