Will TrainerRoad boost my FTP?

Hey trainer road users. Got a simple question. I’m a relatively new cyclist, just finished my first year of racing. I have a power meter meter on my bike and can sustain 365-370 np power for around 1 hr. My best ever power is 381 for 20 minutes. Here is my background: 25 yrs old, former cross country runner, 6 ft 4 inches and weigh anywhere from 160 during race season to 170 in the winter, recently upgraded to Cat 3. Basically I’m wondering if starting a structured trainer road program will give me any significant gains? I currently train around 10 hrs. per week. I also do all of my workouts outdoors. Thanks in advance. Here is my last 20 minute test

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Approx 5w/kg FTP after one year! I’m not sure you realize how exceptional that is?

To answer your question, of course you should see improvements with the right training based on your limited cycling background. Whether the plan you are doing right now will bring those improvements cannot be known at this time.


Only one way to find out. Strong odds of the answer being “yes”.

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Thanks Simo. I included my most recent FTP test so people don’t think I’m lying. My goal is to get to Cat 2 by the end of next season. Currently only need about 20 more points. Trying to figure out what kind of plan I should start this winter

Im not sure it will “boost your ftp” (probably not, because its like at the top 5% w/kg of roadies already), but im pretty sure you would get some gains by doing structured workouts. You should pick a program that can target the stuff that you are not good at. How is your sprint? Your 5min? Etc.


Thanks for the response vetleg. My weakness is definitely my sprint. Every race I won this year was solo off the front. In the majority of the races I make the breakaway only to get out-sprinted at the end. I more of a long sustainable power rider.

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Yes - switching to structured training, whether through TrainerRoad or some alternative, will improve your fitness significantly

As others have replied, you are already very high on w/kg here. So yes, I think structured TR training will help raise FTP some, but I would also think about what weaknesses do you have and work on those. For example, do you have a strong 30 sec power? What about 2 mins? To be a good all-round racer you will keep a range of those outputs, not just a high FTP (though a high FTP always helps!). I find the TR plans really help build your strengths across the board.


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All of my power figures are pretty good excluding anything under 30 sec. My 20 minute power isn’t much different from what I can do for an hour. I think if i tested it indoors I could do 370-380 for an hour. What should my 5 minute power range be based on my 20 minute power? I’m a newb when it comes to power figures lol

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If you really want to dig into the weeds, the Dr. Andrew Coggan power profile is usually the chart folks look at:

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So basically I’m the worst sprinter in the world. Can barely break 1,000 watts most days :joy: Don’t really know how I can improve my sprint without losing 5 and 20 minute power

Certainly couldn’t hurt to go through a base and build phase and see what happens. It’s a 20 week commitment.

The first 6 weeks of sweet spot base 1 will get you accustomed to riding indoors. The next 14 weeks will bump up your FTP.

Which power meter are you currently using?

Stages power ultegra

Structured training works and TR is a great source for stock plans. So, yes, TR will help you.

But, with your starting point, talent and goals, a very good human coach who’ll give you a custom tailored plan plus specific racing advice and otherwise accelerate your learning to be a serious cyclist would be a big step up if you can afford it.

Thanks STP. Main thing about the real coach would definitely be the cost. I don’t have a ton of funds to devote to cycling. I figured trainer road might be a good alternative. I wish I would have gotten into cycling sooner

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In all honesty I don’t think you can say it will or won’t work for someone who is already at your level. Clearly whatever you’ve been doing in the past has worked well. What does your current training look like, is it particularly structured? What do your current sessions look like on a typical week?

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Check me out on Strava, Jonathan Schiefer Ripley, Wv. Mainly short hard rides due to my work schedule. I think I need to boost my volume if I want a chance to get to Cat 2. No real structure at all