Your AI FTP Detection Results

What was the PL of the Threshold workout you failed? And how far did you get?

I am definitely finding Threshold is the hardest PL to advance. Your SS and Vo2s are in good spots, so that would at least give some indication that your AI FTP is in the neighborhood of correct.

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The threshold workout was 3x10 @ 100% and with PL 4.2. I think maybe it was an off day, but I’d think that should be pretty manageable if my FTP was correct. I cracked at the end of the first interval. A sweetspot 5.2 last week (3×15 @90%) was borderline easy. I know the levels don’t really equate across energy systems but I thought I’d do better!

I was thinking the same as you…the other PL’s seem in the ballpark of having the right FTP :man_shrugging:

I appreciate the help!

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4.2 is pretty high if the starting PL was 1. I was where you are not long ago. The good news is I am at my career high FTP. After nailing workouts for months, I ran into a Threshold buzz saw and was failing WOs in the PL 3-5 range at new FTP. Most times, like you, I barely made it through the first interval.

Eventually AT dialed me back to a PL of 1.x. And after getting a few under my belt, I have been able to do a few in the 2 range. Other energy levels are progressing faster - like .5 or more per ride. Threshold is growing <.5 for me right now. But I am doing the workouts, which is encouraging.

Maybe it was an off day for you, but wanted to share some corroborating evidence.

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Cheers that great progress and very encouraging!!

In the spring, the AI FTP detection worked really well. With an FTP of 292W previously, the AI suggested a new FTP of 303W, and when I anyway did the ramp test, I got 303W, so spot on.

In the summer, I have trained mostly Z2-Z3 with some threshold work sprinkled in, and I have been ill a couple of times, so I have had the FTP set at 303W and haven’t tried any tests. I now scheduled a ramp test, and the AI suggested a new FTP of 307W. I thought it best to try the ramp test properly in spite of this, and to my surprise got a result of 320W! I do not know how this big of a jump was possible, nor why AI couldn’t detect it properly, but I am super stoked :slight_smile: In less than a year of starting cycling, I have gone from 255W @87kg to 320W @85kg.


That’s a huge improvement. Congrats! It’s some validation that by training mainly endurance, FTP can still increase. Suspect you will also have a much better base level of fitness now from the Z2 work.

It will be interesting to see how Threshold workouts go for you with FTP set at 320W. That will be the real test as to whether the Ramp Test accurately predicts it for you vs what AI FTP came up with.