Your AI FTP Detection Results

I brought two of the weeks from SSBHV2 forwards to align my rest week with the school holidays. I figured I’d bring the Ramp (and AI-FTPD) forward to Monday in order to do three weeks at the new level instead before the rest week instead of two.

AI-FTPD gave me a 1.5% bump to 328W.

There appears to be constant development in the algorithm which is pretty impressive. There were update notes on the latest app update, and this number is slightly lower, and processed massively faster than the one ran last week as a demonstration for a friend.

It’s dropped my SS from 10 to 9.5. Obviously being mid base, I’ve not touched any of the other zones in terms of specific/structured work. Currently I don’t know what I can do at that Threshold number, and it’s hard for me to see improvement when comparing to last season as my best numbers are all from Threshold workouts. I’m optimistic and have lots of faith in AT now. It’s been spot on for SSBHV - it’s a training zone I’m very strong in though so hopefully I’m not giving myself false confidence.

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New to TR. Predicted FTP was way off. Did a ramp test at the start back the end of Feb. I blew that test. My mistake and failed to read the best practices for ramp tests. My best guess is that test was low by 20-25W. Wanted to see what AIFTP would do. So I pushed through the SS Base 1 till I had enough workouts to see what AIFTP would give me. Frist update was +14W then +11. After this last update I really felt I could do better. Did a ramp test today and got a 9.X% bump another 21W. During my training I was bumping my workouts to 110% most of the time. I am back to where I was in the early to late fall of last year. My guess is at the end of the next phase of training AIFTP will be more on target. I think I could have pushed another 90 seconds if I really wanted it. At my age I just don’t want to hurt that bad.

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AI FTP predicted 274w, which is a 2% increase. It’s the first increase since August. So far, so good. I have been doing a series of VO2Max workouts and they are going well. I am feeling stronger and seem to be adapting well. Am a fan of TR software.


Back from almost half a year break and just finished SSB I and on the start line of SSB II. Previous ramp test result was 160w. Let’s see what AI prescribes for now.


Hey, I was only on SSB I low volume and I even missed some workouts. OK, Just do ramp test and find out…



Hold my beer, wait what?! Didn’t expect they expect my newb gain in this precision :laughing:


Worked the first time but

Twice now AI hasn’t shown my ftp for a ramp test and yes over 14 days.
Is it showing for everyone else?


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I moved your post under the existing one that covers the question already.

  • Please contact for issues like this. They are the first place to start for technical questions like this.

Additionally, there is a separate and largely parallel topic to review:


thanks @bobw for the pointer to - looks like some excellent data and capability in there

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So if AT doesn’t yet take full account of outdoor rides even if they are associated with a workout (my understanding is that AT takes account of the workout as planned not as actually completed) and I am doing predominantly outdoor rides - am I better doing an actual ramp test rather than relying on an AI generated FTP?

AI uses all power data for FTP estimation, just not progression levels. I think there are some caveats in the estimation for you aren’t doing some TR structure but I don’t think we know which one will produce more accurate results currently.

As of the last official statement (from memory) TR AI FTP Detection needs a minimum of 12 completed rides/workouts imported in your TR calendar. There was some confusion as to whether that must be TR or other rides, but AFAIK it includes ALL ride types, not just TR ones at this time for the minimum of 12.

Other than that restriction, TR AIFTPD is supposed to use ALL workouts with power data as part of the Detection background data. All that said, if you meet the requirements above, using AIFTPD is what I’d suggest.

Essentially, look for the AIFTPD option in your Career page on the Ramp Test, and if the option is available, you are good to use it.

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Thanks Chad. I have used AI FTP detection a couple of times when I was doing predominantly indoor workouts and I was happy with the results. At this time of the year (in the UK) most of my riding is outdoors so I am not sure whether these rides have an impact on the AI FTP detection

  • Yup, they are included in AIFTPD, so you are good to go.
  • This is true, but ONLY related to the Progression Level side of AT, not AIFTPD.
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As of the latest update, you can run AI-FTPD from the Calendar page which is a nice little change.

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Yup, I saw that in the release notes last night after the update.

  • I refrained from referencing it here since I don’t know if that is just Win or if it’s available on all platforms.
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I only use Android so that’s two out of :rofl::ok_hand:

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I haven’t been on the trainer much in the last couple months (unusually good spring for Nova Scotia), and AI FTP D seems way off when looking at just my outdoor rides. I used it last week, and it gave about 15W less than what feels like threshold to me right now, and 10W less than before my riding switched to mostly outside despite my volume doubling (and performance improving). It seemed bang on when just looking at TR workouts.

I suggest contacting TR support for review if you are questioning the results.

I decided to merge this post with the prior topic that covers the same basic concept.

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I would “expect” AI FTP detection to do worse with just outdoor rides compared to having indoor rides, for a few reasons:

  • For indoor rides, it knows what effort level the ride is supposed to be at
  • it has feedback on how hard the ride was, and if you completed the intervals
  • TR is likely focusing a lot of effort making sure this works for indoor riders following their plans, and these don’t include many all-out efforts. The point of this estimation is avoid the ramp test, so those go away too.
    It has a lot more context to work with for the indoor rides than the outdoor ones, and I think the feedback of how hard the intervals were is important. If you did 20 minutes at 250 watts outdoors, TR doesn’t know if that was all out, or just sweetspot level effort. Indoors it gets that, and knows about what certain workouts ‘should’ feel like. Also, since the indoor workouts are generally shorter and mostly of the same interval type, the rating you provide is likely much more valuable than a rating of how hard a 5 hour outdoor ride was that had some hard sections.
    Most/all other FTP estimation is done based on all out efforts and the power/duration curve of those, and in that way they avoid needing feedback - it is assumed that all values are maximal efforts.

Grateful user of AI FTP Detection.

Been working my butt off and then I was recently sick for a few weeks, which hampered my training. My FTP went down 2 watts from 274w to 272w. Honestly that seemed about what I would expect.

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