Yoga app for flexibility


Any recommendations for a good iPhone app or other resource for Yoga, specifically for flexibility? I’m doing plenty of cardio vascular and strength work as it is, but I want to work on flexibility. Specifically, I want to get my legs and back more flexible, so that swinging my leg over the bike is easier, for example.

Abi Carver has a 15 mins a day program Yoga15 that has some cycling specific content. It’a a subscription model ($15 a month / $115 a year) but does offer a 15 day free trial to check it out. She does have a lot of content posted on Vimeo which is free, although not organized as well as her site.

I think this is the kind of low barrier to entry yoga that is ideal for cyclists just looking to improve a little on flexibility, rather than trying to take on a new hobby.


I bought this bundle for £15. I believe these are what Sufferfest use.

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+1 for Abi Carver. I actually subscribe to “the other” cycling app just for access to her sessions.

I’ve not been as consistent with them recently but I see a real difference in my performance, recovery and generally feel more relaxed when I do one or two of her sessions a day.

Thanks! I’m giving her 15 days to see what she can do for me…

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I am a big fan of Shona Vertue on youtube. I do a few of her workouts per week - and there are all types - yoga (for cyclists, hip opener, tight hamstrings, etc.), meditation, strength building (her Vertue Method 1 is fantastic for off the bike strength)

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Youtube and its free99. Not to knock Abby, but she isn’t doing anything you can’t already find on the web.

Yoga with Adriene is really good, she has specific ones for tight back/hips which is awesome for cycling, but otherwise give her 30 day yoga playlist a go:

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